Saturday March 22....Show # 132....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

The Damned "Lust For Life" (Live) f/Fiendish Shadows'85/'97
Saxon "Ashes To Ashes" f/The Inner Sanctum '07
*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!"/Mute'08
Pizzicato Five "Baby Love Child" f/ Made In USA '94
Butthole Surfers "The Hurdy Gurdy Man" f/ single '90
Stonerider "Rush Hour Baby" f/Three.../Trustkill '08
Man Or Astroman? "A Reversal Of Polarity" f/EEVIAC.. '99
*No Use For A Name "Biggest Lie" f/The Feel Good../FatW'08
The Cult "Illuminated" f/Born Into This '07

Tegan and Sara - The Con - The Con
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*Tegan and Sara "The Con" f/ The Con /Sire '08
The Faith Healers "Reptile Smile" from Lido '92
Motorhead "Metropolis" (Live) f/ No Sleep At All '88
Fish Karma "Gas, Grass or Ass" f/Sunnyslope '92
*Man Raze "This It It" Exclusive for LWOL listeners '08
f/Phil Collen/Def Leppard & Paul Cook/Sex Pistols
Note: Paul Cook calling in live tomorrow night @7 PM

8:00 AM
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Ministry - The Last Sucker - Roadhouse Blues
Ministry "Roadhouse Blues" (Doors) f/The Last Sucker '07
*Hermano "Exam Room" f/...Into The Exam Room/Regain '08
Carter USM "Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss" f/30 Something '91
W.A.S.P. "Skinwalker" f/Not Black Enough '95
Joan Jett Song of the Week: "Bird Dog" f/Glorious Results..'92
Juno Reactor "Inca Steppa" f/Gods & Monsters/Metropolis '08
T-Rex "Chrome Sitar" f/Futuristic Dragon '76
Helmet & House Of Pain "Just Another Victim"(T-Ray MX) '93
*Star 13 (Jeff Scheel/Gravity Kills)"I'm Afraid Of Americans"'08
*Death Cab For Cutie "I Will Possess Your Heart" /Atlantic '08
*Man Raze ( f/Pil Collen/Def Leppard & Paul Cook/Sex Pistols)
"Running Me Up" (Don't forget-Paul Cook calling in live Sunday)

9:00 AM

Benedictum "Beast In The Field" f/Seasons of../Locomotive '08
*Stealing Love Jones "Sentimental Fool" unsigned South Africa'08
Vayden "Zoe's Song" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Mindless Self Indulgence "Never Wanted To Dance"(CombMX) '08
Space Cadet "Brace Yourself" f/Closest Thing../Kirtland '08
Aldo Rox "Payola" (ode to Eliot Spitzer) unsigned Modesto,CA '08
Man Raze "Turn It Up" Exclusive for LWOL listeners '08
(f/Phil Collen/Def Leppard & Paul Cook/Sex Pistols)
*Don't forget-Paul Cook calling in live @7PM tomorrow night
Elf Power "New Lord" f/In A Cave /Ryko '08
Chumbawumba "Tubthumping" from Tubthumper '97
*Presidents of USA "Mixed Up S.O.B." f/These Are../Fugitive '08