Sunday March 30....Show # 118....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Big Linda "Another Way" unsigned United Kingdom
*The Ting Tings "Great DJ"(C.Harris remix) unsigned UK
*Dominici "Liquid Lightening" f/03 A Trilogy Pt3/SPV
*Ike Reilly "Cash Is King"f/Poison The Hit../Rock Ridge
*Meat Beat Manifesto "I Hold The Mic"f/Autoimmune
Ministry "So What"f/ A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste '89
The Wombats "Kill The Director"f/EP /Bright Antenna
*Love "Live and Let Live"f/ Forever Changes/Reissue/orig '67
*Client f/D.MCarthy/Nitzer Ebb "Suicide Sister"f/Unitled RX

Billy Bragg - I Keep Faith - EP - I Keep Faith
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*Billy Bragg "I Keep Faith"f/Mr. Love & Justice /Anti
Crushed "The Distance Between Us" unsigned Phoenix
*Rammstein "Mein Teil"(The Return Mix) German import

7:00 PM

Phoenix rocker's VAYDEN performed live
Song's: "Anthem Of The Used" & "Zoe's Song"

*Carbon 9
"Mother"(Danzig cover) f/The Bull/Interface Group
*Moby "Everyday It's 1989"f/Last Night/Mute
Astra Heights "The March"f/Good Problems/Universal
*The Parlor Mob "Can't Keep No Good Boy Down"/Roadrunner
Drywall "In Total Focus" f/Barbeque Babylon '05
Stan Ridgway "Talkin' Wall Of Voodoo Blues Pt.1"f/Snakebite'04
*The Green Room "Take Away(My Blues)" unsigned UK

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gurgu said...

No New Model Army interview??? They'll be over at the clubhouse, if you can make after your show... Kris