Sunday April 20....Show # 121....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Eli"Paperboy" Reed "It's Easier"f/Roll With You/QDivision
*Cashier No.9 "42 West Avenue"f/NM from Northern Island
*Theory of a Deadman "Heaven(Little By Little)f/Scars & ..
Whitesnake "Lay Down Your Love" f/Good To Be Bad/ SPV
*London After Midnight "Nothing's Sacred (Ext. Club Mix)
*Young Knives "Rue The Days"f/Superubundance/Ryko
Flobots "Handlebars" f/single /Universal Republic
Kiss "Spit" f/Revenge '92

**JONATHAN L BLENDER**(15-minutes)
Gene Simmons, Eric Singer/Jonathan L chat-rare '94
-vs-Paul Oakenfold "Fat Buddha"f/A Voyage into..'01

*Whitedingo "Slap In The Face" unsigned Phoenix, AZ
*Tapes 'N Tapes "Hang Them All"f/Walk It Off/XL Rec
Black Francis "The Seus"f/SVN Fingers/Cooking Vinyl

7:00 PM

Ayreon vs. Anastasia "Elected" f/EP/ SPV
*Willie Nelson "Crazy"f/One Hell of a Ride/Boxset

Midnattsol - Nordlys - Northern Light
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*Midnattsol "Northern Light"f/Nordlys /Napalm/SPV
*Elf Power "Paralyzed" f/In A Cave /Ryko
The Beautiful Girls "Generals"f/Ziggurats/Controlled
*Whitesnake "Best Years" f/Good To Be Bad /SPV
*Steve Aoki mixes Bloc Party f/Peaches "Helicopter"
The T's "How It's Done" unsigned Raleigh, NC
*Amos Lee "Listen" f/Last Days at the Lodge/Blue Note
*Forever The Sickest Kids "Hey Brittany"f/Under../Univ
*The Vibrants "First Move" unsigned United Kingdom
Clinic "Winged Wheel" f/Do It! /Domino
*Spoon "You Got Yr.Cherry Bomb"f/GaGaGaGaGa!/Merge

**No shows April 26-27
I will be at "Musexpo" in Los Angeles
Be back the following weekend-back to normal


Saturday April 19....Show # 136....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Halford "Silent Screams (1999 Demo) f/Metal God '07
Bauhaus "The Sanity Assassins" (Remix) f/Crackle '98
*Clinic "Winged Wheel" f/Do It!/Domino '08
Malfunkshun "Jezebel Woman"f/Return To..Orig'87/'95
Nashville Pussy "Meaner Than My Mama"f/Get Some'05
*The Beautiful Girls "Generals"f/Ziggurats/Cont..'08
Girlschool "Girls On Top" f/Take A Bite '88
*Black Francis "I Sent Away" f/SVN Fingers/CV '08
Kula Shaker "Strangefolk" f/Strange Folk '07
Kula Shaker "Song Of Love/Narayana" f/Strange Folk '07
Dead Celebrity Status "Intro" f/Blood Music '06
Dead Celebrity Status "We Fall, We Fall"f/Blood Music'07
Fatboy Slim "Praise You"(Mike D/Ad Rock remix)f/GR '07
*Flobots "Handlebars" f/single/Univerasal Republic '08
*Anti-Flag "The Bright Lights of America" f/same/BMG'08

8:00 AM

Quindon Tarver - Romeo + Juliet (10th Anniversary Edition) [Music from the Motion Picture] - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (2007 Mix)
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"Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" (2007 mix)
Baz Luhrmann "Everybody's Free(To Wear Sunscreen)"V.'07
*The T's "How It's Done" unsigned Raleigh, North Carolina '08
The Stranglers "Always The Sun" import single Version '90
Black Sabbath/Dio "Heaven and Hell" f/Dio Years '06
Joan Jett Song of Week: "I Hate Long Good Byes"f/Flash..'93
Whitesnake "Lay Down Your Love" f/Good To Be Bad/SPV '08
Stiff Little Fingers "The Message" f/Tinderbox '97
Kerli "Walking On Air" f/Love Is Dead /Island '08
Flight of the Conchords "Ladies of the World"f/ST/SubPop '08
Gossip "Standing In The Way Of Control"f/Single/Columbia '08

9:00 AM

*KMFDM "Saft Und Kraft" f/Brimborium/Metropolis '08
*M83 "Kim and Jessie" f/Saturdays=Youth/Mute '08
London After Midnight "Fear"/Violent Acts of Beauty '07
*Junkie XL "Booming Right At You"f/S/T /Nettwerk '08
*Nerf Herder "Oh Me, Oh My" f/IV /Oglio '08
Billy Boy On Poison "Saturday's Child"f/Sweet Mess/Ironworks'08
Crushed "The Distance Between Us" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
These New Puritans "Elvis" f/single/Domino '08
Mindless Self Indulgence "Never Wanted To Dance"f/Sgle/End '08
*Ayreon vs Anastasia "Elected" f/EP /SPV '08

*Please Note: No shows next weekend (April 26/27)
I will be at "Musexpo 2008" in Los Angeles.
I will return the following weekend-back to normal.


Sunday April 13....Show # 120....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

The Last Shadow Puppets"The Age of the Under.."/Domino
*Kula Shaker "Strangefolk" f/Strange Folk/Cooking Vinyl
*Kula Shaker "Song Of Love (Narayana)f/Strange Folk/CVinyl
*Story One "Rescue Us" unsigned Nottingham, England
The Gutter Twins" All God's Children" f/Saturnalia/Sub Pop
*Whitesnake "Lay Down Your Love" f/Good To Be Bad /SPV
*Kerli "Walking On Air"(Album Version)f/Love Is Dead/ Island
*Spiders & Snakes "Dream Girl" f/Melodrama../Sansei
*Ministry "Radar Love" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet
*Static Revenger Presents: "Satellite" /D-Dub
*Fatal Smile "S.O.B." f/World Domination /Locomotive
*Sea Wolf "Black Dirt" f/single edit /Dangerbird

Black Francis - Svn Fngrs - Half Man
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*Black Francis "Half Man" f/SVN Fingers/ Cooking Vinyl
Ben's Brother "Kiss Me Again (Stuttering)"f/single/Capitol

7:00 PM

Motley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" f/Saints of../MC
Areyon "Beneath The Waves" f/-01011001-/Inside Out/SPV
These New Puritans "Elvis" f/single/Domino
*Lyrics Born "I'm A Phreak" f/Everywhere../Anti
*The Raconteurs "Carolina Drama" f/Consolers../WB
Does It Offend You.Yeah? "We Are Rock Stars"/Almost G
*Dokken "This Fire" f/Lightening Strikes Again /Rhino
Man Raze f/Phil Collen & Paul Cook "Running Me Up"
*Violet Wild "Rare Disease" unsigned Tempe, AZ
Ike Reilly "Janie Doesn't Lie" f/Poison../Rock Ridge
*Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds "Albert Goes West"f/Dig!!!/Anti
*Flight of the Conchords "Ladies of the World" f/ST/SubPop


Saturday April 12....Show # 135....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ministry "What A Wonderful World"f/CoverUp/13thP'08
UFO "Black and Blue" f/The Money Puzzle '06
*The Kooks "Sway" f/Konk/Astralwerks '08
Fields Of The Nephilim "Slow Kill" f/Dawnrazor '86
Warlock "Touch Of Evil" f/Triumph and Agony '87
Kongos "In The Music" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '07
Areyon "Connect The Dots" f/-01011001-/SPV '08
Transplants "DJ DJ" f/single version '03
Joan Jett Song of Week: "A 100 Feet Away"f/Album'92

These New Puritans - Elvis - Single - Elvis
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*These New Puritans "Elvis" f/single /Domino '08
Johnette Napolitano "Save Me" f/Scarred '07
The Jam "Mr. Clean" f/All Mod Cons '78
Motely Crue "Primal Scream" f/Decade Of Decad..'91
**Motley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" (NEW!) /MC'08
Constantines "Trans Canada" f/Kensington Hei../A&C'08

8:00 AM

Aztec Camera f/Mick Jones "Good Morning Britain" '90
*Whitesnake "All For Love" f/Good To Be Bad/SPV '08
Fear Nuttin' Band "Friends" f/Yardcore/Bodog Music '08
The Orb f/Rikki Lee Jones "Little Fluffy Clouds" Ver.'97

John Easdale w/ Mark and Pete/Dramarama
perform live "Incredible" and Anything, Anything"

*The Gutter Twins "God's Children"f/Saturnalia/SubP'08
*The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age of..."f/sgl/Domino'08
The Cult "Born To Be Wild" f/Electric '87
Tally Hall "Taken For A Ride"f/Marvin's../Atlantic '08

9:00 AM

Skinny Puppy "Hardest Head" f/The Process '96
Ferras "My Beautiful Life"f/Aliens../Capitol '08


*Midnattsol "Open Your Eyes"f/Nordly/Napalm/SPV'08
**Motley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" (NEW!) MC'08
*Mindless Self Indulgence"Never Wanted to Dance"(NV)'08
Man Raze (Phil Collen & Paul Cook) "Connected To You" '08
Ministry "Mississippi Queen" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet '08

*Gossip "Standing in the Way of Control"(Live)/Columbia'08
*Static Revenger Presents: "No.1 Fan"f/Love Song../D-'08
The Sword "Maiden, Mother & Crone"f/Gods../Kemado '08
Spiders & Snakes "Shoot Me Down" f/Melodrama '07
*Does It Offend You.Yeah? "We Are Rockstars"f/sgl./AG'08


Sunday April 6....Show # 119....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Ministry "What A Wonderful World" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet
*Constantines "Trans Canada" f/Kensington Heights/A & C
*Kissing Violet "Stronger Than Gravity" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
Ferras "It's A Beautiful Life"f/Aliens & Rainbows/Capitol
*Korpiklaant "Suden Jioku" f/Korven Kuningas/Nuclear Blast

Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Bonus Track Version) - Taken for a Ride
Purchase this song from Tally Hall now!
*Tally Hall "Taken For A Ride" f/Marvin's Marvelous../Atlantic
The Raconteurs "Rich Kid Blues" f/Consolers Of the Lonely/WB
*Ayreon "Connect The Dots" f/-01011001-/Inside Out/SPV
*Story One "Russian Dolls" unsigned Nottingham, United Kingdom
*The Sword "Maiden, Mother & Crone"f/Gods of the Earth/Kemado
*Ike Reilly "Fish Plant Rebellion"f/Poison the Hit../Rock Ridge
Ministry "Mississippi Queen" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet
*The Parlor Mob "Carnival Of Crows"f/single/Roadrunner
*Rebel Romantic "Princess Nicotine" f/No Time/Anadat

7:00 PM

*Spoon "Don't You Evah"(Ted Leo HotterMix)/Merge

John Easdale of Dramarama called in live.
Songs played:
"California Uber Alles" (
unavailable) & "Everybody Dies"
(will be live in studio with me next Saturday)

*Forever The Scariest Kids "Who Oh! Me vs./Universal
*N-Euro "Lover On The Line"(Real Booty Babes Mix)/Ram
*Dominici "Revelation"f/03 A TrilogyPart3/InsideOut/SPV
*Goldfinger "One More Time"f/single/SideOneDummy
*Fear Nuttin' Band "Friends"f/Yardcore/ Bodog
*The Wombats "Little Miss Pipedream"f/EP/Bright
*Flight 409 "Operator" f/We Don't Dance/Something In TW


Saturday April 5....Show # 134....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

King Diamond "The Cellar"f/Give Me Your Soul..'07
Peter Murphy "Final Solution" f/Should The World..'85
Elastica "Da Da Da" f/The Menace '00
*The Phenomenaughts "Man Alone"f/For All/Silver '08
Mother Love Bone "Capricorn Sister"f/Apple '90
William Shatner "That's Me Trying" f/Has Been '04
*The Raconteurs "Rich Kid Blues"f/Consolers of the/WB'08
*Ferras "It's A Beautiful Life"f/Aliens & Rain../Capitol '08
Soho "Deadbeat Party" f/Thug '92
*Ministry "Mississippi Queen"f/Cover Up/13thPlanet '08
Frank Black "Song Of The Shrimp" f/Honeycomb '05
The Parlor Mob "Can't Keep No Good Boy Down"/RoadR '08
Information Society "Seek 300"f/Don't Be Afraid '97
The Soft Boys "Insanely Jealous" f/Underwater..'80
*The Matches "Wake The Sun" f/A Band In Hope/Epitaph '08

8:00 AM

*Ministry "Black Betty"f/Cover Up/13thPlanet '08
The Green Room "Take Away (My Blues)" unsigned UK '08
Def Leppard "The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll "f/Yeah! '06
The Chemical Brothers "Electrobank" f/Dig Your Own Hole'97
Big Cock "M.I.L.F" unsigned Scottsdale AZ '08

Taken By Trees - Sweet Child o' Mine / Above You - Single - Sweet Child o' Mine
Purchase this great version of the Guns 'N'Roses song now!
Taken By Trees "Sweet Child O'Mine" f/single/Rough Trade '08
*Dokken "Judgement Day" f/Lightening Strikes Again/Rhino'08
Dead Can Dance "Nierika" f/Spiritchaser '96
Everlast "Hot To Death" f/Whitey Ford Sings The Blues '99
The Killers "Shadowplay" f/Control Sondtrack '07
*Kristin Hersh "Somebody To Love" f/Souvenirs/ExpansionTR'08
*Ministry "Under My Thumb" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet '08

9:00 AM

*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Moonland" f/Dig!!!/Anti/Mute '08
Moby "Everyday It's 1989" f/Last Night /Mute '08
Ike Reilly "Poison The Hit Parade" f/Poison../Rock Ridge '08
Joan Jett Song Of Week: "Fetish" (No F-Word Mix) f/single '99
Emigrate (Richard Z/Rammstein) "Babe" f/Emigrate '07
Carbon 9 "Mother" (Danzig) unsigned Los Angeles, CA '08
*Matt Pond PA "People Have A Way" f/single 2007
*Headlights "Catch Them All" f/Some Racing../Polyvinyl '08
Dramarama "What Are We Gonna Do? f/Vinyl '91
Chapel Of Thieves "Swamp" unsigned San Diego, CA '08
Man Raze "Turn It Up" (Phil Collen & Paul Cook) NA yet '08
MGMT "Weekend Wars"f/Oracular Spectacular/Columbia '08