Sunday April 6....Show # 119....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Ministry "What A Wonderful World" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet
*Constantines "Trans Canada" f/Kensington Heights/A & C
*Kissing Violet "Stronger Than Gravity" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
Ferras "It's A Beautiful Life"f/Aliens & Rainbows/Capitol
*Korpiklaant "Suden Jioku" f/Korven Kuningas/Nuclear Blast

Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Bonus Track Version) - Taken for a Ride
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*Tally Hall "Taken For A Ride" f/Marvin's Marvelous../Atlantic
The Raconteurs "Rich Kid Blues" f/Consolers Of the Lonely/WB
*Ayreon "Connect The Dots" f/-01011001-/Inside Out/SPV
*Story One "Russian Dolls" unsigned Nottingham, United Kingdom
*The Sword "Maiden, Mother & Crone"f/Gods of the Earth/Kemado
*Ike Reilly "Fish Plant Rebellion"f/Poison the Hit../Rock Ridge
Ministry "Mississippi Queen" f/Cover Up/13thPlanet
*The Parlor Mob "Carnival Of Crows"f/single/Roadrunner
*Rebel Romantic "Princess Nicotine" f/No Time/Anadat

7:00 PM

*Spoon "Don't You Evah"(Ted Leo HotterMix)/Merge

John Easdale of Dramarama called in live.
Songs played:
"California Uber Alles" (
unavailable) & "Everybody Dies"
(will be live in studio with me next Saturday)

*Forever The Scariest Kids "Who Oh! Me vs./Universal
*N-Euro "Lover On The Line"(Real Booty Babes Mix)/Ram
*Dominici "Revelation"f/03 A TrilogyPart3/InsideOut/SPV
*Goldfinger "One More Time"f/single/SideOneDummy
*Fear Nuttin' Band "Friends"f/Yardcore/ Bodog
*The Wombats "Little Miss Pipedream"f/EP/Bright
*Flight 409 "Operator" f/We Don't Dance/Something In TW

1 comment:

deanimator said...

What song had some lyrics that went something like( Caution jotted down while working with radio on low and a bunch of distractions err customers )

"There will be blood and guts, we got the bomb turn this campus into dust"

and yes I bet those are not half right at all, so thanks in advance and I hope you can help. No idea what time it was my job sucks that much.

Also new The Sounds - Painting by numbers video is cool, check it out.


Your show rocks, keep playing cool music, Emigrate in paticular!