Sunday June 1....Show # 126....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" f/We../Columbia
*Amos Lee "Street Corner Preacher" f/Last Days../EMI
*Axxis "Devillish Belle" f/Doom of Destiny/Locomotive
*Ladytron "Season of Illusions"f/Velocifero/Nettwerk
*The Craze "The Executive" f/Get Up/Dynatone
*The Grouch "Artsy"(Remix) f/Show You../Legendary
Alejandro Escovedo "Nun's Song" f/Real Animal/Blue Note
*! Hate Kate "Bed Of Black Roses" f/Embrace../Glassnote
*CEOz "Artsy Pop" (demo) unsigned Paris, France
*Mudhoney "What's This Thing?"f/The Lucky Ones/Sub Pop
Bobby Evans "Freak-A Zoid Robotz" f/RMXXOLOGY/Del. V.
*The Last Shadow Puppets "Separate and Ever Deadly"

Jon Oliva's Pain - Global Warning - The Ride
Buy this song from the former SAVATAGE frontman safe and legit
Jon Oliva's Pain "The Ride" f/Global Warning/Loco
*IAMX "Song of Imaginary Beings"f/The Alternative/Met

7:00 PM

live-on-air singer/songwriter
WOODY WOODHAM (Prescott Valley, Arizona)
performed live
Songs: "On The Top" and "Fanatics"

"Hello (for you I'm dying)" f/Hello/Rodeostar
Kula Shaker "Strangfolk" f/Strangefolk/Cooking Vinyl
Kula Shaker "Song Of Love/Narayana" f/Strangefolk/ CV
*The Confusions "Perfect Plan" f/The Story../Swedish import
*The Bangkok Five "Outlines Of Us" unsigned Los Angeles
Static Revenger Presents "Satellite" f/ Love Song../DDUB
The Vibrants "First Move" unsigned United Kingdom
Letters vs Numbers "I'm Not Human" unsigned United States


Saturday May 31....Show # 141....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ayreon "Day Four: Mystery" f/The Human Equation'04
Smashing Pumpkins "Siva" f/Gish '91
The Kinks "You Can't Stop The Music"f/A Soap Opera '75
Nightmare Of You "Herbal Jazz Cigarette"f/EP/Bevonshire'08
KMFDM "Insane" f/XTORT '96
Icon "Running Under Fire" f/Right Between The Eyes '89
*Mary Trembles "Emotional Calligraphy"unsigned Australia'08
Lou Reed "Turn To Me" f/New Sensation '84
Green Jelly "Blind Date" f/single '96
Lauren Harris "Steal Your Fire" f/Calm Before The../DR2'08
Elbow "Powder Blue" f/Asleep In The Back '01
Ian Gillan "Unchain Your Brain" f/Glory Road '89
The Grouch "Artsy" f/Show You The World../Legendary '08
Johnette Napolitano "Amazing" f/Scarred '07
Tickle Me Pink "Typical" f/Single /Wind-Up '08

8:00 AM

UNKLE "Hold My Hand" f/War Stories '07
Blackstrap "Winning Speech" f/Steal My Horses../Tee Pee '08
UFO "Down By The River" f/The Monkey Puzzle '06
The Cult "Dirty Little Rockstar" f/Born Into This '07
Ian Dury "Billerclay Dickie" f/New Boots and Panties '77
Joan Jett Song of the Week: "Love Is All Around" '96
*Opiate For The Masses "Burn You Down" f/Single Ver.'08

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - Movement
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LCD Soundsystem "Movement" f/LCD Soundsystem '04
*Earles and Jensen "Bedroom ETA" f/ Presents /Matador '08
Information Society "Ending World" f/Don't Be Afraid '97
Rehab "Sittin' At A Bar" (Original version/reissue) /Epic '08
The Myriad "A Clean Shot" f/With Arrows,With Poise/Koch'08

9:00 AM

*Sam Sparro "Black and Gold" f/Single /Universal?Republic '08
*Jon Oliva's Pain "The Ride" f/Global Warning /Locomotive'08
Goldfrapp f/The Teenagers "Happiness"(Mat..Mix)/Mute'08
*Alejandro Escovedo "Nun's Song"f/Real Animal /Blue Note'08
Keith Jackson (Glass Heroes) "Pinball Cash" unavailable demo'08
*Dresden Dolls "Pretty In Pink" f/No, Virginia /Roadrunner '08
*Bobby Evans "Freak-A-Zoid Robotz" f/RMXXOLOGY/Del.V'08
Woody Woodham "McDonalds in Baghdad" unsigned Prescott'07
*Storm Warrior "The Revenge of Asa Lande" f/Heading/Loco '08
Man Raze "Entertainment" f/Surreal /WB '08

*Woody Woodham appears on tomorrow night's show


Sunday May 25....Show # 125....6 PM
(Memorial Weekend)

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Man Raze "Entertainment" f/ Surreal
*Darker My Love "Two Ways Out" f/'2'/Dangerbird
*Elika "The Whip" f/Trying Got Us../Fiercely Indie
*4Lyn "Cowboys" f/Hello /Rodeostar
*The Myriad "A Clean Shot" f/single /Koch
Dub Pistols "Gave You Time" f/Speakers and../Defend
*Mindless Self Indulgence "Never Wanted To Dance"(TS mix)
*H20 "What Happened?" f/ single /Bridge Nine
*Nightmare Of You "Herbal Jazz Cigarette" f/EP/Bevonshire
*Letters vs. Numbers "I'm Not Human"unsigned United States
*Under The Flood "In Vain" f/single (Rock Radio Mix)/Koch
*Crash Street Kids "Do You Still Believe in Rock and Roll?"
*Opiate For The Masses "Burn You Down" (Instr.V)/Century M
TJ Lavin f/Pippa Tabron "Soldier" f/Single /SPV

7:00 PM

Live in-studio-on-air performance Phoenix Rocker's CRUSHED

Songs: "Everything's Gone", "The Distance Between Us"
and "Further Down"

The Grouch - Show You the World - Artsy
You can purchase "Artsy" from THE GROUCH right here!
The Grouch
"Artsy"f/Show You The World/Legendary
Voxhaul Broadcast "Too Much Thinking" f/Rotten Apples/Retona
*Goldfrapp f/The Teenagers "Happiness"(Matromony Mix) /Mute
*Tickle Me Pink "Typical" f/single /Wind-Up
*Lauren Harris "Steal Your Fire" f/Calm Before The Storm/DR2
Boogie Company "Kaed" unsigned Estonia


Saturday May 24....Show # 140....6:45 AM
(Memorial Weekend)

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ozzy w/Type O Negative "Pictures of Matchstick Men" '97
Mercury Rev "Empire State" f/See You on the Other../'95
*Blackstrap "Winning Speech" f/Steal My../TeePee '08
James Blunt "You're Beautiful" f/single '05
New York Dolls "Human Being" f/Too Much Too Soon '74
*Voxhaul Broadcast "Too Much Thinking"f/Rotten../RT'08
Megaherz "Rappunzel" f/Kopfschuss '98
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Victim of Circumstance"f/Fit..'97
*The Grouch "Artsy" f/Show You To the World/Legendary'08
Dream Theater "Misunderstood" f/Greatest Hit/Rhino '08
Generation X "Kiss Me Deadly" f/Generation X '78
*TJ Lavin f/ Pippa Tabron "Soldier"f/single /SPV '08
*Mudhoney "I'm Now" f/The Lucky Ones /Sub Pop '08

8:00 AM

*Radiohead "Planet Telex" f/The Best OF /Capitol '08
Styrofoam "A Thousand Words" f/A Thousand../Nettwerk '08
Rancid "Journey To The End of the East Bay" f/And Out..'95
Motorhead "R.A.M.O.N.E.S" (Live) f/Hammersmith '07
*Osaka Popstar "Blitzkrieg Bop" f/ (Live)/Misfits Records '08
Ramones "Ramones on-45 Megamix" f/12" (Rare) '88

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix) [As Featured In the Columbia Pictures Motion Picture] - Single - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
Get this incredible Soulwax remix of The Rolling Stones here!
Soulwax remixes The Stones "You Can't Always get What.." '07
Cue The Drama (James Arthur) "Sorry" unsigned U.K. '08
The Mission "Never Again" (FI Mix) f/ U.K. single '92
John Lydon "Sun" f/John Lydon's Pyscho's Path '97
*Hymns "Streets Alone" f/Travel In Herds/Blackland '08

9:00 AM

*Axxis "Father, Father" f/Doom Of Destiny/Locomotive '08
*The Bangkok Five "This One's For The Haters" '08
*Boogie Company "Kaed" unsigned Estonia '08
Kings X "Broke" f/ XV /InsideOut/SPV '08
*Atmoshere "You" f/When Life Gives You Lemons../ILG '08
*Desert Saints "Great Balls of Fire"(Dance Mix) unsigned PX'08
*Young Knives "Counters" f/Superabundance/Ryko '08
She & Him "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" f/Sgl/Merge '08
*Dystopia "Dystopia" f/Midnight Juggernauts /Astralwerks '08
Crushed "The Distance Between Us" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Man Raze "Turn It Up" f/ Surreal '08

**(Crushed performs live on tomorrow night's show @7 PM)


Sunday May 18....Show # 124....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Storm Warrior" Lion Of The Northe"f/Heading North/Loco
*Tally Hall "Welcome To Tally Hall" f/Marvin's../Atlantic
*Styrofoam "A Thousand Words" f/A Thousand../Nettwerk
*Kooks "Mr. Maker" f/Konk /Astralwerks
*The Presets "My People"(Kris Menace Remix) unsigned AU
*Axxis "Better Fate" f/Doom of Destiny/Locomotive
*Midnight To Twelve "Slam" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
*The Raconteurs "Many Shades Of Black" f/Consolers..WB
Mud "Break Your Face" f/Yearbook/Talking House
IAMX "After Every Party I Die"f/ The Alternative/Metropolis
Cue The Drama (James Arthur)"Sorry" unsigned U.K.
Bauhaus "Too Much 21st Centrury"f/Go Away White/Bauhaus

7:00 PM

Crash Street Kids "Berlin" f/Transatlantic Suicide/Hot City
*The Wolfmen "Cecilie" unsigned United Kingdom
*Dystopia "Road To Recovery" f/Midnight../Astralwerks

7:15 PM

*Special guest DON DOKKEN
called in-live for a casual chat
for the rest of the show.

Music played:
"Give Me A Reason"
"Heart To Stone"
"This Fire"

All from Lightening Strikes Again (Rhino)

Purchase music from
Dokken's Lightening Strikes Again
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again - This Fire


Saturday May 17....Show # 139....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Alien Sex Fiend "Hurricane Fighter Plane"f/UK single'87
The Crystal Method "Busy Child" f/Amp '97
*Jonny Dongel "Sorry Simon" unsigned U.K. '08
Faith No More & Boo-Yaa Tribe "Another Body Murdered '93
Dokken "Night Rider" f/Conception-Live 1981 (re-issue) '07
*She & Him "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"f/Sgl/Merge '08
Manic Street Preachers "Ready For Drowning" f/This Is..'98
The Legion Of Doom "Crazy As She Goes" f/single '2006
*The Bleeding Hearts "Status Symbol"f/Nothing On../DBR '08
Faithless "Tarantula" f/Outrospective '01
Concrete Blonde "Run Run Run" f/Free '89
The Dickies "Going Homo" f/Live in London '90
*Wednesday 13 "My Demise" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08

8:00 AM

Paul Simonon talks about "Guns Of Brixton"
The Clash "Guns Of Brixton" f/London Calling '79
*Jon Oliva's Pain "Look At The World" f/Global Warning '08
I Start Counting "Million Headed Monster" f/Catalogue '91
Placebo "Pure Morning" f/Without You I'm Nothing '98
Pennywise "It's Up To Me" f/Unknown Road '91
*Boogie Company "Personal Jesus"(Live) unsigned Estonia'08
*Keith Jackson (Glass Heroes) "Pinball Cash" not available
*Mud "Break Your Face" f/Yearbook/Talking House '08
The Prodigy "Out Of Space" f/Their Law/Singles/(re-issue) '06
Iron Maiden "The Trooper" f/Virus '96
*Rob Dickinson "Crank" f/End of the World/ Fontana '08

9:00 AM

*Crash Street Kids "Berlin" f/Transatlantic Suicide/HotCity '08
*Kings X "Broke" f/XV /SPV '08

IAMX - The Alternative - After Every Party I Die
Purchase this kickass tune by IAMX right here!
*IAMX "After Every Party I Die"f/The Alternative/Metropolis'08
*Scarlett Johansson "I Don't Wanna Grow Up"f/Any../Atco'08
*The Craze "One More Time" f/Get Up/Dynatone '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Bad Reputation" w/The Vacancies '06
*Cue The Drama (James Arthur) "Sorry" unsigned U.K. '08
*Crytal Castles "Knights" f/S/T /Lies Records '08
*Earles and Jensen "Bleachy and the .99 cent Big Bufords '08
Dokken "Heart To A Stone"f/Lightening Strikes Again/Rhino '08
*Mayfield "The New Black" f/EP /GHR '08
*Bauhaus "Too Much 20th Century" f/single/Bauhaus Music '08

*Note: DON DOKKEN calling in live tomorrow night @7PM


Sunday May 11....Show # 123....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Crash Street Kids "The Zero"f/Transatlantic../Hot City
*Crystal Castles "Vanished" f/S/T /Lies Records
*Lyrics Born "I'm A Phreak" f/Everything At Once /Anti
*IAMX "Nightlife" f/The Alternative /Metropolis
*The Black Angels "You On The Run" f/Directions../LITA
*OMD "If You Leave" (Live) from Land Shark sampler
Dokken "This Fire" f/Lightening Strikes Again /Rhino
*Oppenheimer "Fireworks are Illegal in the State on N.J.
*Scarlett Johansson "Anywhere I Lay My Head" /Atco
Crash Street Kids "The Engineers"f/Transatlantic../Hot City
*Ladytron "Ghosts (Cassette Jam Mix) f/single/Nettwerk
Judas Priest "Visions" f/Nostradamus /Epic
*Slightly Stoopid "2 AM" f/Chronchitis /Silverback Music
*Kings X "Move" f/XV /SPV
Whitesnake "Lay Down Your Love" f/Good To Be Bad /SPV

7:00 PM

*Royal Bliss
"Save Me" f/single /Contraband Records
*Architects "Mrs. Doyle" f/Vice /Andyne Records
Dollhaus "U Mada Fuwaka" unsigned Ottawa, Canada
Frightened Rabbit "Heads Roll Off" f/single/Fatcat Records
*Earles and Jensen "Bleachy is Back in Town"f/Presents/Mat.
The T's "Make Me Pretty" unsigned Raliegh, North Carolina
*The Bellrays "One Big Party"f/Hard Sweet../Anodyne Records
*Death Cab For Cutie "Long Division"f/Narrow Stairs/Atlantic
Spiritualized "Songs in A&E:Soul On Fire"f/single/Fontana

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl - Single - I Kissed a Girl
Purchase Katy's original version of the new single now!
*Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl"(CLA Rock Mix) f/single/Columbia
*Jonny Dongel "Snocker Snog & Shag" unsigned U.K.
*Crash Street Kids "Destroyer" f/Transatlantic Suicide /Hot City

*Gave away Whitesnake "Good To Be Bad" (SPV) CD's


Saturday May 10....Show # 138....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Type O Negative "These Three Things" f/Dead Again/SPV'08
*The Audition "Warm Me Up" f/single/Victory '08
Poster Children "Junior Citizen" f/Junior Citizen '95
Twisted Sister "The Fire Still Burns"f/Come Out and Play '85
*Crash Street Kids "The Zero" f/ Transatlantic Suicide/HC'08
Bipolar f/NFA "Somesay" unsigned Australia '08
Sisters Of Mercy "Temple Of Love" (Extended Mix) '92
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Pretty Vacant" f/The Hitlist '90
*Jonny Dongle "A Fifth Of Nowhere" unsigned U.K. '08
Bad Manners "Wet Dream" (Dub Mix) f/Fat Sound '93
Alice Cooper "It's The Little Things" f/Brutal Planet '00
Gregory Gray "The Pope Does Not Smoke Dope" f/single '95
*Ladytron "Ghosts" (Single Mix) f/single /Nettwerk '08
*Dollhaus "U Mada Fuwaka" unsigned Ottawa, Canada '08

8:00 AM

"Eyes Of Time" f/The Final Experiment/'95
Brighton Port Authority f/Iggy "He's Frank"f/Heroes '08
Killing Joke "Democracy"(United Nations Mix) f/single '96
Rammstein "Lachzeit" f/ Herzeleid '95
Dub Pistols "Rapture" f/Speakers and Tweeters /Defend '08
David J "Space Cowboy" f/Urban Urbane '92
*Earles and Jensen "Tim Butler,.."f/Presents/Matador'08
The Psychedelic Furs "Here Comes Cowboys"f/Mirror..'84
Mucky Pup "Hippies Hate Water" f/Now '90
*Supergrass "345" f/Diamond Hoo Ha /Parlophone '08

9:00 AM

Blind Ambition "Children of Tomorrow" unsigned U.K. '08
*Judas Priest "Visions" f/Nostradamus /Epic '08
*Spiritualized "Songs in A&E:Soul On Fire" /Fontana '08
*Alanalda "Always Someone Watching" unsigned Ireland'08
*Crash Street Kids "The Engineers"f/Transatlantic../HC'08
Fear Nuttin' Band "Friends" f/Yardcore /Bodog Music '08
Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia '08
*Frightened Rabbit "Heads Roll Off" f/single/Fatcat '08
*Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes" f/S/T/Downtown '08
*Low vs Diamond "Heart Attack" f/single /Epic '08
*The T's "Make Me Pretty" unsigned Raliegh, NC '08

Coldplay - Violet Hill - Single - Violet Hill
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Coldplay "Violet Hill" f/Viva La Vida /Capitol '08
Crushed "The Distance Between Us" unsigned Phoenix, AZ'08

*Gaveaway Ayreon "-01- CD's (SPV)


Sunday May 4....Show # 122....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Candlebox "Stand" f/single /Silent Majority/ILG
*Bipolar f/NFA "Somesay" unsigned Australia -no info
*Walls Of Jericho "Ember Drive" f/Redemption/Trustkill
Nine Inch Nails "Discipline" f/single /Sony BMG/Red
*Dollar-Sent "This Ain't Love" unsigned Brighton, England
Portishead "Silence" f/Third /Mercury
*Meat Beat Manifesto "Solid Waste" f/Autoimmune/Metrop
*Dub Pistols "Rapture"f/Speakers and Tweeters/Defend Music
25 Hours A Day "We Brake For Nobody"unsigned Paris
*Wednesday 13 "Not Another Teenage Anthem"unsigned PHX
*Coldplay "Violet Hill" f/Viva La Vida /Capitol
*Intercooler "Destiny" unsigned Australia
*Ministry "Bang A Gong" f/Cover Up /13th Planet/Megaforce
*Giants Of Science "Sisters" unsigned Australia
Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" f/ One Of The Boys /Columbia
Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia

7:00 PM

*Blind Ambition "Child Of Tomorrow" unsigned Wales

Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants - Single - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants
Purchase this great song by Lazyboy now!
Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside The Pants" '04
*Twilight Hotel "Slumber Queen" unsigned Manitoba
Flobots "Handlebars" f/single /Universal Republic
*The Night Marchers "Jump In The Fire" f/See You../Vagrant
*Alloy Mental "We Have Control" f/New Music Northern Ireland
*My Morning Jacket "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream" (8:12 V)
*Dub Pistols "Gave You Time"f/Speakers and../Defend Music
Jesus & Mary Chain "All Things Must Pass" f/Heroes OST./NBC
Val Emmich "Get On With It" f/single /No Code Records
*Brighton Port Authority f/Iggy Pop "He's Frank" f/Heroes OST


Saturday May 3....Show # 137....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Danzig "Dominion" f/Danzig IV '94
Gigolo Aunts "Fades Away" f/Minor Chords In Major..'99
The Darkness "Stuck In A Rut" f/Permission To Land '99
*Gossip "Listen Up" f/Live in Liverpool/Columbia '08
*The Gin Club "Gas Guzzler" unsigned Australia '08
Judas Priest "Better By You Better Than Me"f/Stained..'78
The Southern Death Cult "Faith" (Live) '82
Kerli "Walking On Air" f/Love Is Dead /Island '08
*Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia '08
*25 Hours A Day "We Brake For Nobody"unsigned Paris '08
Hanoi Rocks "Tragedy" f/Bancock Shocks Saigon Rocks '81
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Jezebel" f/Bad Reputation '92
Steriogram "Walkie Talkie Man" f/Schmack! '04
*The Graduate "Anhedonia" f/single /Icon MES '08
Flobots "Handlebars" f/single /Universal Republic '08
*Portishead "Silence" f/Third /Mercury '08

8:00 AM

Motley Crue
"Saints Of Los Angeles" f/single/ElevenSeven'08
*Nine Inch Nails "Discipline" f/single/Sony/BMG/Red '08

Ayreon "Ride The Comet" from -01011001-/SPV '08
Ayreon - 01011001 - Ride the Comet
Buy the above track from Ayreon right now!
Very special guest

*Called in live from Holland
Danish Composer Arjen A. Lucassen from Ayreon

Songs played: "Ride The Comet", "Connect The Dots",
River Of Time", and The Age of Shadows"-all from
-01011001-(SPV) '07/08
"Farside Of The World" from Actual Fantasy-revisited
(SPV) '04/87

For more information www.myspace.com/ayreonauts

9:00 AM

*Jesus & Mary Chain
"All Things Must Pass" f/Heroes '08
*Mary Trembles "Scene From Below" unsigned Australia '08
*Rehab "Sittin' At The Bar" f/single /Epic '08/Orig. '00
*Dokken "Heart To A Stone"f/Lightening Strikes../Rhino '08
*Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" f/One Of the Boys /Capitol '08
*Chemical Bros f/Spank Rock "Keeping My Composure"'08
*Between The Trees "The Way She Feels"f/single/Univ '08
*Val Emmich "Get On With It" f/Little Daggers/No Code '08
*Crystal Castles "Untrust Us" f/S/T /Lies Records '08
*Scarlett Johansson "Falling Down" f/Anywhere I../Atco'08
*Phantom Planet "Ship Lost At Sea"f/Raise The Dead/FBR'08

Gave away PORTISHEAD "Third" CD's