Saturday May 31....Show # 141....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ayreon "Day Four: Mystery" f/The Human Equation'04
Smashing Pumpkins "Siva" f/Gish '91
The Kinks "You Can't Stop The Music"f/A Soap Opera '75
Nightmare Of You "Herbal Jazz Cigarette"f/EP/Bevonshire'08
KMFDM "Insane" f/XTORT '96
Icon "Running Under Fire" f/Right Between The Eyes '89
*Mary Trembles "Emotional Calligraphy"unsigned Australia'08
Lou Reed "Turn To Me" f/New Sensation '84
Green Jelly "Blind Date" f/single '96
Lauren Harris "Steal Your Fire" f/Calm Before The../DR2'08
Elbow "Powder Blue" f/Asleep In The Back '01
Ian Gillan "Unchain Your Brain" f/Glory Road '89
The Grouch "Artsy" f/Show You The World../Legendary '08
Johnette Napolitano "Amazing" f/Scarred '07
Tickle Me Pink "Typical" f/Single /Wind-Up '08

8:00 AM

UNKLE "Hold My Hand" f/War Stories '07
Blackstrap "Winning Speech" f/Steal My Horses../Tee Pee '08
UFO "Down By The River" f/The Monkey Puzzle '06
The Cult "Dirty Little Rockstar" f/Born Into This '07
Ian Dury "Billerclay Dickie" f/New Boots and Panties '77
Joan Jett Song of the Week: "Love Is All Around" '96
*Opiate For The Masses "Burn You Down" f/Single Ver.'08

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - Movement
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LCD Soundsystem "Movement" f/LCD Soundsystem '04
*Earles and Jensen "Bedroom ETA" f/ Presents /Matador '08
Information Society "Ending World" f/Don't Be Afraid '97
Rehab "Sittin' At A Bar" (Original version/reissue) /Epic '08
The Myriad "A Clean Shot" f/With Arrows,With Poise/Koch'08

9:00 AM

*Sam Sparro "Black and Gold" f/Single /Universal?Republic '08
*Jon Oliva's Pain "The Ride" f/Global Warning /Locomotive'08
Goldfrapp f/The Teenagers "Happiness"(Mat..Mix)/Mute'08
*Alejandro Escovedo "Nun's Song"f/Real Animal /Blue Note'08
Keith Jackson (Glass Heroes) "Pinball Cash" unavailable demo'08
*Dresden Dolls "Pretty In Pink" f/No, Virginia /Roadrunner '08
*Bobby Evans "Freak-A-Zoid Robotz" f/RMXXOLOGY/Del.V'08
Woody Woodham "McDonalds in Baghdad" unsigned Prescott'07
*Storm Warrior "The Revenge of Asa Lande" f/Heading/Loco '08
Man Raze "Entertainment" f/Surreal /WB '08

*Woody Woodham appears on tomorrow night's show

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