Saturday May 10....Show # 138....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Type O Negative "These Three Things" f/Dead Again/SPV'08
*The Audition "Warm Me Up" f/single/Victory '08
Poster Children "Junior Citizen" f/Junior Citizen '95
Twisted Sister "The Fire Still Burns"f/Come Out and Play '85
*Crash Street Kids "The Zero" f/ Transatlantic Suicide/HC'08
Bipolar f/NFA "Somesay" unsigned Australia '08
Sisters Of Mercy "Temple Of Love" (Extended Mix) '92
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Pretty Vacant" f/The Hitlist '90
*Jonny Dongle "A Fifth Of Nowhere" unsigned U.K. '08
Bad Manners "Wet Dream" (Dub Mix) f/Fat Sound '93
Alice Cooper "It's The Little Things" f/Brutal Planet '00
Gregory Gray "The Pope Does Not Smoke Dope" f/single '95
*Ladytron "Ghosts" (Single Mix) f/single /Nettwerk '08
*Dollhaus "U Mada Fuwaka" unsigned Ottawa, Canada '08

8:00 AM

"Eyes Of Time" f/The Final Experiment/'95
Brighton Port Authority f/Iggy "He's Frank"f/Heroes '08
Killing Joke "Democracy"(United Nations Mix) f/single '96
Rammstein "Lachzeit" f/ Herzeleid '95
Dub Pistols "Rapture" f/Speakers and Tweeters /Defend '08
David J "Space Cowboy" f/Urban Urbane '92
*Earles and Jensen "Tim Butler,.."f/Presents/Matador'08
The Psychedelic Furs "Here Comes Cowboys"f/Mirror..'84
Mucky Pup "Hippies Hate Water" f/Now '90
*Supergrass "345" f/Diamond Hoo Ha /Parlophone '08

9:00 AM

Blind Ambition "Children of Tomorrow" unsigned U.K. '08
*Judas Priest "Visions" f/Nostradamus /Epic '08
*Spiritualized "Songs in A&E:Soul On Fire" /Fontana '08
*Alanalda "Always Someone Watching" unsigned Ireland'08
*Crash Street Kids "The Engineers"f/Transatlantic../HC'08
Fear Nuttin' Band "Friends" f/Yardcore /Bodog Music '08
Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia '08
*Frightened Rabbit "Heads Roll Off" f/single/Fatcat '08
*Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes" f/S/T/Downtown '08
*Low vs Diamond "Heart Attack" f/single /Epic '08
*The T's "Make Me Pretty" unsigned Raliegh, NC '08

Coldplay - Violet Hill - Single - Violet Hill
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Coldplay "Violet Hill" f/Viva La Vida /Capitol '08
Crushed "The Distance Between Us" unsigned Phoenix, AZ'08

*Gaveaway Ayreon "-01- CD's (SPV)