Sunday June 29....Show # 130....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*The Presets "Kicking & Screaming" f/Apocalypso/Modular
My Morning Jacket "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
*The Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go"(Haji&Emanuel RMX)
*The Hold Steady "Constructive Summer"f/Stay../Vagrant
Motley Crue "Goin' Out Swingin'"f/Saints of Los Angeles/11-7
IAMX "Heatwave" f/Kiss & Swallow/Metropolis
*Little Jackie "28 Butts" f/The Stoop/S-Curve
Circle Jerks "Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45) f/12" '83
*Alpha Kids "Battle Hymn of the New Republic" unsigned NYC
*Dearestazazel "All of My Friends are in Love with Satin"/EW
*Smalltown Sleeper "Backseat" f/Conversations /Upper 11
*Edgar Winter w/Slash "Rebel Road" f/single/Airline
The Alarm "Three Sevens Clash" f/Guerilla Tactics

7:00 PM

*Opiate For The Masses "Lie" f/Manifesto /Century Media
*The Malamondos "Great Bop Apocalyse" f/Rocktopussy/BW
Ian Astbury "The Witch (SLT Returns)" f/Spirt/Light/Speed '00
*Scar Symmetry "Timewave Zero"f/Holygraphic Universe/Nuclear

Billy Idol - Idolize Yourself - Best of Billy Idol - New Future Weapon
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Billy Idol "New Future Weapon" f/Best Of../Capitol
*Danny Elfman "The Little Things" f/Wanted Soundtrack/Lakeshore
The Verve "Love Is Noise" f/ single/Sony BMG
*Devin Lima & the Cadbury Diesel "Crafty Bitch" f/Mozart../EW
*My Chemical Romance "Welcome to the Black Parade"(Live)f/EP
*Coldplay "42" f/Viva La Vida /Capitol
*Coldplay "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love"f/Viva La Vida/Capitol


Saturday June 28....Show # 145....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Excel "Riptide" f/Seeking Refuge '95
The Flamin' Groovies "Teenage Head" f/Teenage Head '71
Vince Neil "The Crawl" f/Carved In Stone '95
The Jealous Girlfriends "How Now" f/ST/Good Fences '08
Rough Trade "High School Confidential" f/Avoid Freud '80
Sid Vicious "My Way" f/Something Else '78
Nina Hagen "My Way" f/Nina Hagen in Ekstacy '79
Danzig "Bodies" f/How The Gods Kill '92
The Crystal Method "Come2Gether" f/Mortal Combat Stk. '96
Mindless Self Indulgence "Get It Up" f/IF/The End '08
Happyhead "Fabulous" f/Give Happyhead '91
Drain S.T.H. "Crack The Liar's Smile" f/Horror Wrestling '96
*The Alarm "Rat Trap" f/Guerilla Tactics f/single '08
*The Hold Steady "Sequestered In Memphis"f/Stay../Vagrant'08

8:00 AM

*IAMX "Heatwave" f/Kiss and Swallow/Metropolis '08
*Motley Crue "Goin' Out Swingin' " f/Saints of../Eleven Seven'08
Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe "Sun Is Shining"(Mix) UK '99
Sky Cries Mary "Gone" f/A Return To The Inner Experience '93
Infectious Grooves "Therapy"f/The Plague That Makes Your..'91
Joan Jett Song the Week: "Summertime Blues" f/Bad Repution'92
*Wolf Parade "Language City" f/At Mount Zoomer/SubPop '08
Everlast "Children's Story" f/Eat At Whitey's '00
British Sea Power "Atom" f/Do You Like Rock Music? '07
*Billy Idol "New Future Weapon" f/Best of..'08

9:00 AM

Mötley Crüe - Saints of Los Angeles - Welcome to the Machine
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*Motley Crue "Welcome to the Machine" f/Saints../ElevenSeven '08
Shy Child "What's It Feel Like?"f/Noise Won't../Kill Rock Stars '08
*The Boxing Lesson "Timing" f/Wild Streaks &/Big Badness '08
*Rage "Without You" f/Carved In Stone/Locomotive '08
*Little Jackie "LOL" f/The Stoop/S-Curve '08
*KMFDM "Naff Off" f/Extra Volume 1/Metropolis '08
Carolina Liar "Last Night" f/Coming To Terms/Atlantic '08
*The Verve "Love Is Noise" f/single/ Sony BMG '08
Paper Doll "Bluebird" f/Dialog/Photo Finish '08
*The Alarm "Three Sevens Clash" f/ Guerilla Tactics f/single '08


Sunday June 22....Show # 129....7:45 PM

*Note start time-one week only!

Back to 6 PM next week

*Denotes a new song first time aired

*Carolina Liar "Last Night" f/Coming To Terms/Atlantic
*Hydrogyn "On and On" f/Deadly Passion/ DR2
*The M's "Bros In Arms" f/Real Close Ones/ Polyvinyl
Billy Idol "John Wayne" f/Best of/ Capitol
*Mindless Self Indulgence "Mark David Chapman" f/IF/End
*Rage "Long Hard Road" f/Carved in Stone"/Locomotive

Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar De Luxe - Island Life - Ibiza Groove and Chillout Tunes - Sun Is Shining (Sand In My Shoe Mix)
You can purchase this rare BOB MARLEY song from iTunes right here-click above
Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe "Sun is Shining (mix) UK'99
*Paper Rival "Bluebird" f/Dialog/Photo Finish
*Kaiser Cartel "Season Song" f/March Forth/Bluhammock
*KMFDM "Godlike"(Orig. ver) f/ Extra Volume 1/Metropolis
*The Gin Club "Days" unsigned Australia
*Phunk Junkeez "In The Summertime"f/Hydro Phonic/DMAFT
*Rick Brantley "Blue Bandana" f/Prize Fight Lover../Carnival
Unternehmen Dreizack "Gedankenpolizei" f/Geman import '98
*Dr. Dog "The Ark" f/Fate/Park The Van

9:00 PM

*The Beautiful Girls "Under A Southern Sky" f/Ziggurats/CSS
*Shy Child "What's It Feel Like?"f/Noise Won't../KillRockStars
Kings X "Go Tell Somebody" f/XV/SPV
*Mindless Self Indulgence "Get It Up" f/IF/End
*M83 "Graveyard Girl"(Yusek remix)f/single/Virgin import
*Lions Share "Emotional Coma" f/Emotional../Locomotive
*The Boxing Lesson "Dark Side of the Moog"/f/Wild../BigBigness
Luna "Bonnie & Clyde"(hidden track in French) f/Penthouse '95
*Mindless Self Indulgence "Issues" f/IF/End
*The Jealous Girlfriends "How Now" f/ST/Good Fences
*Hercules & Love Affair "Blind" (Club mix) f/single/Mute

*Remember-Show goes back to 6-8 PM next week.

Marcus "Into The Pit" took tonight off.


Saturday June 21....Show # 144....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Demians "The Perfect Symmetry" f/Building On../SPV'08
*My Morning Jacket "Smokin' from Shootin' f/Evil Urges/ATO'08

The Republic Tigers - Keep Color - Feelin' the Future
You can purchase THE REPUBLIC TIGERS song right here from iTunes
*The Republic Tigers "Feelin' The Future" f/Keep../Atlantic '08
*Zeni Danussi "Danger Zone" unsigned London, England '08
*Sky Parade "High On Desire" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '08
Cue The Drama "The Enemy" unsigned United Kingdom '08
Chromeo "Momma's Boy" f/Fancy Footwork /Vice '08
Frightened Rabbit "Old Old Fashioned"f/The Midnight/ FatCat'08
*Spiritualized "I Gotta Fire" f/+/Sanctuary '08
*Kings X "Go Tell Somebody" f/XV /SPV '08
*Forward Russia "A Prospector Can Dream" f/single/Mute '08
*The Cute Lepers "Teminal Boredom" f/Can't Stand../Blackheart'08

8:00 AM

*From 8-10 AM
special guest host Bill Pepicello-President, University of Phoenix
He donated $ 700 to The Leukemia & Lymphnoma Society
of Phoenix for Cancer research. He bid and won to be co-host
at a gala charity event. I donated myself on behalf of KUPD.

$=Bill's choices from list submitted

$ Jean Beauvoir "Wild Thing" f/Voices of Rock/Locomotive '08
$ Ozzy Osbourne "Mr. Tinkertrain" f/No More Tears '91
$ Flogging Molly "The Story So Far" f/Float /SideOneDummy '08
$ Twisted Sister "The Fire Still Burns" f/Come Out and Play '85
$ OFB "Oh Boy" f/Everday is a Hollyday (Buddy Holly cover) '89
$ Foo Fighters "Darling Nikki" f/ special single '02
$ Kid Rock "So Hott" f/Rock and Roll Jesus '07
$ Korn "Hey Daddy" f/Issues '91
Joan Jett Song of Week: Time Has Come Today" f/Hit List '90
$ Iron Maiden "The Trooper" f/ Virus '96
$ Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" (Live version) f/Greatest Hits Live '96

9:00 AM

$ Ministry "Roadhouse Blues" f/The Last Sucker '07
$ Kiss "God Of Thunder" f/Destroyer '76
$ Space Cadet "Brace Yourself" f/Closest Thing To../Kirtland '08
$ Motorhead "Metropolis" f/No Remorse '84
$ Nickelback "See You At The Show" f/The Long Road '03
$ DJ Eddie Baez remixes The Beatles "Elenor Rigby" f/single '04

*Billy Idol "John Wayne" f/The Very Best../Capitol '08
Monte Negro "Laberintos De Amor" f/Who Told You?/Epic '08
Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D. "My Drive Thru" '08
Ike Reilly "Hip Hop Thighs, #16" f/Poison The../Rock Ridge '08

**Please note: Tomorrow night's show June 22 will be on
two hours later than normal. Marcus "Into The Pit" is taking
weekend off. My show will be on at 8-10 PM this week only.
Sunday June 29 I return to my regular time.


Sunday June 15....Show # 128....6 PM

Father's Day

*Denotes a new song first time aired

*Chromeo "Momma's Boy" f/Fancy Footwork /Vice
*Demians "The Perfect Symmetry" f/Building An Empire/SPV
*Sky Parade "We Should Be Lovers" unsigned Los Angeles,CA
*Frightened Rabbit "Old Old Fashioned" f/The Midnight/FatCat
*KMFDM "Friede" f/Extra Volume 1 /Metropolis
*Rob Dickinson "Black Metallic"(Acoustic Ver.) f/EP/Fontana
The Green Room "Take Away My Blues" unsigned U.K.
*Letters vs Numbers "My Turn To Evil" unsigned U.S.
*Storms Approach "Mosiac" unsigned Haverhill, MA
*Jason Webley "Little Sister"f/The Cost of Living/11 Records
The Wedding Present "I Lost The Monkey" f/El Rey/Manifesto
Melvins "Nude With Boots" f/Nude With Boots /Ipecac
Scarlett Johansson "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" f/Anywhere../Atco
*Axxis "Father, Father" f/Doom Of Destiny/Locomotive
*Ike Reilly "Hip Hop Thighs, #16" f/Poison The../Rock Ridge
*KMFDM "Vogue (Original 12"mix)" f/Extra Volume1/Metropolis


*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl)"
*The Cute Lepers "Opening Up" f/Can't Stand Modern..Blackheart
Die Krupps "Fatherland" (Sisters of Mercy edit) f/single '95

Crash Street Kids - Transatlantic Suicide - The Zero
Purchase this song by CRASH STREET KIDS-safe and legit f/ iTunes
Crash Street Kids "The Zero" f/Transatlantic Suicide /Hot City
*Cue The Drama "The Enemy" unsigned United Kingdom
Katy Perry "If You Can Afford Me" f/One Of the Boys/ Columbia
*CSS "Rat Is Dead" f/Donkey/ Sub Pop
Hymns "Streets Alone" unsigned N.Y.C
*Less Than Jake "Does The Lion City Still Roar?"f/GNVFLA
My Morning Jacket "Highly Suspicious" f/Evil Urges/ATO
*Monte Negro "Laberintos De Amor" f/Who Told You? EP/Epic
*My Drive Thru (Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D.)
Street Dogs "Rebel Song" f/State Of Grace/ Hellcat
*We Are Scientists "After Hours" f/Brain Thrust../Astralwerks


Saturday June 14....Show # 143....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Precious Metal "Downhill Dreamer" f/single '90
New Model Army "Vanity" f/Impurity '89
Brighton Port Authority w/Iggy Pop "He's Frank" '08
Rick Brantley "Living On The Outside"f/Prize../Carnival '08
Big Black "Texas" f/The Hammer Party '86
Caterwaul "The Sheep's A Wolf" f/Pin and Web '88
Tone Loc "Wild Thing" (Peaches remix) f/ single '07
*The Republic Tigers "Golden Sand" f/Keep Color/Atlantic '08
The Celibate Rifles "City Of Hope" f/Spaceman in a Satin Suit '94
The Lordz f/Everlast "The Brookyln Way" f/The Brooklyn.. '06
Signal The Escape "The Fight For Santa Poco" unsigned L.A. '08
Placebo f/D. Bowie "Without You I'm Nothing" (UNKLE mix) '99
Urge Overkill "(Today's) Blackie's Birthday"f/The Supersonic..'91
*The Futureheads "Hard To Bear" f/This Is Not The../Nul '08

8:00 AM

Killing Joke "The House That Pain Built" f/S/T '03

My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges - Highly Suspicious
Purchase this offbeat track f/ MY MORNING JACKET safely f/ iTunes
*My Morning Jacket "Highly Suspicious" f/Evil Urges/ATO '08
Josh Wink "Are You There? f/single '97
Wolfmother "Mind's Eye" f/S/T '06
Emigrate "Let Me Break" f/S/T '07
Joan Jett Song of the Week:"Rubber & Glue f/Pure and Simple'94
*Booka Shade "Numbers" f/The Sun & The Neon/Physical '08
HIM "In The Nightside Of Eden" f/Dark Light '06
Sunny Day Real Estate "Theo B f/ S/T '95
kBrandow "Punk Rock Belt" f/S/T '06
*Street Dogs "Rebel Song" f/State of Grace/Hellcat '08

9:00 AM

The Notwist "Alphabet" f/The Devil, You & Me/Domino'08
*Katy Perry "If You Can Afford Me" f/One of the Boys/Columbia'08
*Melvins "Nude With Boots" f/Nude With Boots/Ipecac '08
*The Wedding Present "I Lost The Monkey"f/El Ray /Manifesto '08
Hydrogyn "Rejection" f/Deadly Passions /DR2
Frightened Rabbit "The Modern Leper" f/The Midnight../FatCat '08
*System Syn "Like Every Insect" f/End/Metropolis '08
Whitesnake "Best Years" f/Good To Be Bad/ SPV '08
*Walter Meego "Girls" f/Voyager/ Almost Gold '08
Rammstein "Mein Teil" (Extended remix) f/import single '04
CEOz "Artsy Pop" (demo) unsigned Paris, France '08


Sunday June 8....Show # 127....6 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Booka Shade "Psychameleon" f/The Sun &../Physical
*Mates Of States "Help Help" f/Re-Arrange Us/Barsuk
*Blowing Trees "California Skies" f/ST/Glassnote
*The Briggs "Mad Men" f/Come All You../SideOneDummy
*Crayonsmith "Anxious f/Single/Out On A Limb
Kings X "Love and Rockets (Hell's Screaming)" f/XV/SPV
*Signal The Escape "The Fight For Santa Poco"unsigned LA
*Fear Nuttin' Band "No" f/Yardcore /Bodog
*Giants Of Science "Annabelle" unsigned Australia
Sam Sparro "Black And Gold" f/Single/Universal Republic
*The Myriad "Get On The Plane" f/With Arrows../Koch
*Dokken "I Remember" f/Lightening Strikes Again" /Rhino
*Crystal Castles "Crimewave"(CC vs.Health) f/ST/Last Gang
*Frightened Rabbit "The Modern Leper"f/The Midnight../FatCat

7:00 PM

Baz Luhrmann "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)Ver. '99

Radiohead - The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition) - Anyone Can Play Guitar
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*Radiohead "Anyone Can Play Guitar" f/Best Of /Capitol
*Radiohead "My Iron Lung" f/Best Of /Capitol
*Radiohead "You" f/Best Of /Capitol
*Carbon 9 "This Life" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
Melvins "Billy Fish" f/Nude With Boots /Ipecac
*Rick Brantley "Living On The Outside" f/Prize Fight../Carnival
*Hydrogyn "Rejection" f/Deadly Passions /DR2
*The Futureheads "Work Is Never Done"f/This Is Not..Nul
*The Notwist "Alphabet" f/The Devil, You & Me/ Domino
*KMFDM "Money (Metal Mix)" f/ Volume 1 /Metropolis

*Gave away special RADIOHEAD "Best Of" CDs and DVDs


Saturday June 7....Show # 142....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Hawkwind "Seven by Seven" f/ b-side of "Silver Machine" '72
The Heads f/Richard Hell "Never Mind" f/No Talking '96
Rammstein "Feuer Und Wasser" f/ Rosenrot '05
The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" f/We../Columbia '08
Queensryche "The Hands" (live) f/Mindcrime at the Moore'07
Sparks "I Thought I Told You to Wait in the Car"f/Gratuitous..'95
*Man Raze "You're So Wrong" f/Surreal /WB '08
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Flavor"(Mike D remix) '94
*KMFDM "Rip The System" f/ Extra Vol.1 /Metropolis '08
Skid Row (w/Sebastian B ) "Little Wing" f/B-Side Ourselves '92
*Ladytron "I'm Not Scarred" f/Velocifero /Nettwerk '08
The Damned "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (Live) '85
Plasmatics "The Damned" f/ Coup d' Etat /'82
*Radiohead "Anyone Can Play Guitar" f/ Best Of /Capitol '08
The Craze "The Executive" f/ GetUp /Dynatone '08

8:00 AM

London After Midnight "The Kid's Are All Wrong" f/Violent..'07
*The M's "Pigs Fly" f/Real Close One's /Polyvinyl '08
Oar "Love and Memories" f/Single Version '05
Specimen "Beauty Of Poison (TV Mix) f/single '83
Twisted Sister "High Steppin' " f/ rare session '78
Ronnie Spector "You Can't Put.." f/The Last of The Rock Stars '06
*Human Zoo "Hit The Rock" f/Over The Horizon/Locomotive '08
Handsome Boy Modeling School "Look At This Face" f/Sgl '98
Punks of '76 "Tribute to the Punks of '76" f/UK Compilation '88
Axxis "Devilish Belle" f/Doom of Destiny /Locomotive '08
*Radiohead "Just" f/ Best Of /Capitol '08 (look below)
! Hate Kate "Bed Of Black Roses" f/Embrace The Curse/Glassnote'08

9:00 AM
King's X - XV - Love and Rockets (Hell's Screaming) [Bonus Track]
Purchase this KING'S X CD bonus track here safe and legit from iTunes
*Kings X "Love and Rockets (Hell's Screaming)" f/XV/SPV '08
IAMX "Song of Imaginary Beings" f/ The Alternative /Metropolis '08
*Dub Pistols f/Rodney P & Terry Hall "Peaches" f/Speakers../DM'08
*Radio Chemist "Love" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '08
*Demians "Naive" f/Building An Empire /SPV '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Good Music" f/Beach Boys/Darlene Love'02
*Melvins "Billy Fish" f/Nude With Boots /Ipecac '08
Boogie Company "Kaed" unsigned Estonia '08
*Alejandro Escovedo "Chelsea Hotel '78" f/Real Animal/Blue Note '08
*KMFDM "More and Faster (High & Geil mix)"f/Extra Vol.1 '08
*Kunk "Little People" unsigned United Kingdom '08

*Today and tomorrow night giving away very special
-and playing a 3-song set Sunday night