Saturday June 21....Show # 144....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Demians "The Perfect Symmetry" f/Building On../SPV'08
*My Morning Jacket "Smokin' from Shootin' f/Evil Urges/ATO'08

The Republic Tigers - Keep Color - Feelin' the Future
You can purchase THE REPUBLIC TIGERS song right here from iTunes
*The Republic Tigers "Feelin' The Future" f/Keep../Atlantic '08
*Zeni Danussi "Danger Zone" unsigned London, England '08
*Sky Parade "High On Desire" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '08
Cue The Drama "The Enemy" unsigned United Kingdom '08
Chromeo "Momma's Boy" f/Fancy Footwork /Vice '08
Frightened Rabbit "Old Old Fashioned"f/The Midnight/ FatCat'08
*Spiritualized "I Gotta Fire" f/+/Sanctuary '08
*Kings X "Go Tell Somebody" f/XV /SPV '08
*Forward Russia "A Prospector Can Dream" f/single/Mute '08
*The Cute Lepers "Teminal Boredom" f/Can't Stand../Blackheart'08

8:00 AM

*From 8-10 AM
special guest host Bill Pepicello-President, University of Phoenix
He donated $ 700 to The Leukemia & Lymphnoma Society
of Phoenix for Cancer research. He bid and won to be co-host
at a gala charity event. I donated myself on behalf of KUPD.

$=Bill's choices from list submitted

$ Jean Beauvoir "Wild Thing" f/Voices of Rock/Locomotive '08
$ Ozzy Osbourne "Mr. Tinkertrain" f/No More Tears '91
$ Flogging Molly "The Story So Far" f/Float /SideOneDummy '08
$ Twisted Sister "The Fire Still Burns" f/Come Out and Play '85
$ OFB "Oh Boy" f/Everday is a Hollyday (Buddy Holly cover) '89
$ Foo Fighters "Darling Nikki" f/ special single '02
$ Kid Rock "So Hott" f/Rock and Roll Jesus '07
$ Korn "Hey Daddy" f/Issues '91
Joan Jett Song of Week: Time Has Come Today" f/Hit List '90
$ Iron Maiden "The Trooper" f/ Virus '96
$ Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" (Live version) f/Greatest Hits Live '96

9:00 AM

$ Ministry "Roadhouse Blues" f/The Last Sucker '07
$ Kiss "God Of Thunder" f/Destroyer '76
$ Space Cadet "Brace Yourself" f/Closest Thing To../Kirtland '08
$ Motorhead "Metropolis" f/No Remorse '84
$ Nickelback "See You At The Show" f/The Long Road '03
$ DJ Eddie Baez remixes The Beatles "Elenor Rigby" f/single '04

*Billy Idol "John Wayne" f/The Very Best../Capitol '08
Monte Negro "Laberintos De Amor" f/Who Told You?/Epic '08
Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D. "My Drive Thru" '08
Ike Reilly "Hip Hop Thighs, #16" f/Poison The../Rock Ridge '08

**Please note: Tomorrow night's show June 22 will be on
two hours later than normal. Marcus "Into The Pit" is taking
weekend off. My show will be on at 8-10 PM this week only.
Sunday June 29 I return to my regular time.