Sunday August 3...Show # 135...5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Mike Watt "Maggot Brain" f/Ball-Hog or Tugboat? '95
*Nini "Yeu Anh Sai Lam" f/Vietnamese TranceDance Comp.
*The Last Shadow Puppets "Hang The Cyst" f/single
*The Burn & Cry "Point Of Wasted" unsigned New York
*Level-C "Misery" f/S/T/ Locomotive
*Darker My Love "Blue Day" f/Darker My Love 2/Dangerbird
*Clawfinger "None The Wiser" f/Life Will Kill You/Locomotive
*In This Moment "Forever" f/single/Century Media

Rehab - Graffiti the World - Bartender Song (aka Sittin' at a Bar)
Want this humorous song by REHAB?-click on iTunes button
*Rehab "Bartender Song" (song title change)/Universal Republic
*The Gaslight Anthem "Old White Lincoln" f/ '59 Sound/SOD
*The Shoes "Knock Out"(80KidzRemix)f/Accidental Rhythm
*Laaz Rockit "Ghost in the Mirror" f/Left For Dead/Wardozer
*Apollo Sunshine "The Funky Chamberlain" f/Shall../Headless
Combichrist "Sent To Destroy"(N.Mix) f/Frost/Metropolis
The Pretenders "Boots of Chinese Plastic" f/Break..Shangrila

7:00 PM

Dragonforce "Heroes of Our Time" f/Ultra Beatdown/Roadrunner
*Rosenguard "Requiem For The Innocent" unsigned Chicago
IAMX "Missle" f/Kiss and Swallow/Metropolis
*Black Kids "Hurricane Jane" f/Partie Traumatic/Columbia
Todd Rundgren "Gun" f/Arena/HiFi
The Damned "Lovely Money" f/U.K. single '82
Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Money" f/Save Me From../Ryko
The Malamondos "Do The Temptation" f/Rocktopussy/Red Car
F-5 "Final Hour" f/The Reckoning/OarFin/Koch
*The Break and Repair Method "You Won't Be Able To Be Sad"
*Scizzorman "Mama Wants Me Back" f/S/T/White Eagle


Saturday August 2....Show # 150....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

W.A.S.P. "Hellion" (Live) f/Live...Animal '87
Sisters Of Mercy "Marian" f/First and Last and Always '85
Richard Barone "Before You Were Born" f/Primal Dream '90
*The Enemy UK "Away From Here" f/We'll Live../WB '08
Wayne/Jane County "I Had Too Much.." f/R&R Cleopatra '81
Bang Tango "Dancing On Coals" f/Psycho Cafe '91
*Sevendust "The Past" f/Chapter VII: Hope and../7Bros'08
*Flobots "Rise" f/single/ Universal Republic '08
Sissy Prozac "Ich Liebe Ich" f/Swedish import '00
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "The Harder They.." '08
*Elemeno P "Baby C'mon" f/Phase Five: NZ Music Part 12 '08
Josh Todd (Buckcherry) "Mind Infection" f/You Made Me '03
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Baby Blue" f/Sinner '06
Sky Parade "We Should Be Lovers" unsigned Los Angeles '08
*Stephen Pearcy "In Outta Love" f/Under My Skin/Airline '08
*The Malamondos "Do The Temptation" f/Roctopussy/BW '08
Apollo Sunshine "Brotherhood of Death" f/Shall../B&G '08

8:00 AM

*Combichrist "Sent To Destroy" (N.mix) f/Frost/Metropolis '08

Combichrist - Frost: Sent to Destroy - Sent to Destroy (Northborne Remix)
Get this COMBICHRIST song right here from iTunes now

Tickle Me Pink "Madeline" f/Madeline/Wind-Up '08
VNV Nation "Chrome" f/Matter & Form '05
Swervedriver "Last Train To Satansville" f/Mezcal Head '92
Cinderella "Gyspy Road" f/Long Cold Winter '88
Batfish "Another One Bites The Dust" f/UK single '89
Jim Boggia "Listening To NRBQ" f/Misadventures../Bluham.. '08
Groove Armada "I See You Baby" f/Vertigo '99
Motorhead "God Was Never On Your Side" f/Kiss Of Death '06
*The Love Me Nots "I'm The One" f/Detroit/Atomic A Go Go '08

9:00 AM

*The Pretenders "Boots of Chinese Plastic" f/Break../Shan..'08
* Todd Rundgren "Gun" f/Arena/ HiFi '08
Monte Negro "Anomie (The Blues Armada)" f/Who Told../Epic '08
Dokken "This Fire" f/Lightening Strikes Again/Rhino '08
*Alice Cooper "Vengence Is Mine" f/Along Came a Spider/SPV '08
TJ Lavin "Soldier" f/Tribute single to Steven Murray/SPV '08
Tiki Taane "Now This Is It" f/Phase Five: NZ Music Part 12 '08
*IMAX "Missle" f/Kiss and Swallow/ Metropolis '08
*F5 "Final Hour" f/The Reckoning/OarFin/Koch '08
*Dragonforce "Heroes of Our Time" f/Ultra Beatdown/Roadrunner'08
Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Loyalty" (edit) f/Save Me../Ryko '08
*Powersolo "Think About It" f/Egg/Crunchy Frog '08


Sunday July 27....Show # 134....5:45 PM

*denotes new song first time aired

Baskervilles "Where Did My Summer Go?" f/Twilight/SC
*Mrandmrsmays "Freak On" unsigned Austin, Texas
*Demians "Naive" f/Building On Empire/SPV/InsideOut
*Monte Negro "Anomie (The Blues Armada)" f/Who Told../Epic
*Feral Children "Jaundice Giraffe" f/Second To../Fontana
*The Weeks "Alter Girl" unsigned Jackson, Mississippi
*The Dresden Dolls "Lonesome Organist.."f/No,Virginia/RR
*Todd Rundgren "Strike" f/Arena/ HiFi
*IAMX "Your Joy Is My Low" f/Kiss and Swallow/ Metropolis
*Fear Nuttin' Band "Runaway" f/Yardcore/Bodog Music
Alice Cooper "Catch Me If You Can" f/Along Came A Spider/SPV
*Jim Boggia "Listening To NRBQ" f/Misadventures../Bluhammock
*Clinic "Corpus Christi" f/Do It/ Domino
Scarlett Johansson "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" f/Wherever../Atco
*Plain White T's "Natural Disaster" f/single/Fearless
F5 "The Reckoning" f/The Reckoning /OarFin/Koch

7:00 PM

live in studio to perform acoutic songs from
Transatlantic Suicide /Hot City Records

Crash Street Kids

Songs performed: Cigarettes and Starf*ckers", Mister Starlight",
and "Do You Stll Believe in Rock and Roll?"

Crash Street Kids - Transatlantic Suicide - Do You Still Believe In Rock and Roll?
Purchase "Do You Still Believe in Rock and Roll" on iTunes here

*Apollo Sunshine "Brotherhood Of Death" f/Shall../BlackGreen
Black Kids "I Wanna Be Your Limosine" f/Partie Tramatic/AG
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "Only The Good Die Young"/FW
*Tiki Taane "Now This Is It" f/Phase Five:NZ Music Part 12
Wild Street Orange "10 Dead Dogs" f/We Have../Canvasback '08
*Brazilian Girls "Good Times" f/New York City/Verve

*Gave away Scarlett Johansson "Wherever I Lay My Head" CDs


Saturday July 26....Show # 149....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Devon Townsend "Planet Smasher" f/Ziltoid..'07
Foetus "Verklemmt" f/Gash '95
*Wild Sweet Orange "Ten Dead Dogs" f/We Have../Canvasback'08
Marillion "An Accidental Man" f/The Strange Engine '97
Joy Division "Day of the Lords" f/Permanent:JD '95 /0rig. '80
*Alice Cooper "(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side" f/single/SPV '08
Delta Spirit "Trashcan" f/Ode To Sunshine/Rounder '08
Fu Manchu "Knew It All Along" f/We Must Obey '07
Boomtown Rats "Hurts Hurts" f/Mondo Bongo '81
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "The Boxer" '08
*Tickle Me Pink "Madeline" f/Madeline/Wind-Up '08
T-Rex "The Avengers (Super Bad)"f/Zinc Alloy '74
Front 242 "Body To Body" f/No Comment '84
*Dr. Dog "The Old Days" f/Fate/ Park The Van '08

8:00 AM

Black Sabbath "Letters From Earth" f/Rules of Hell BS '08/Orig.'92
*IAMX "White Suburb Impressionism" f/Kiss and Swallow/Metro'08
Hanoi Rocks "Ice Cream Summer" f/Back To Mystery City '84
Manic Street Preachers "Nostalgic Pushead" f/Gold Against the..'93
Dead Kennedys "Forrest Fire" f/Plastic Surgery Disasters '82
Everlast f/Cypress Hill "Folsom Prison Blues" f/Love../Martyr'08
*Black Kids "I Wanna Be Your Limosine" f/Partie Traumatic/AG '08
Gene Loves Jezebel "Josephina" f/Heavenly Bodies" '92
KMFDM "Superpower (Buttfunk Mix) f/Brimborium/Metropolis '08
Sage Francis "Clickity Clack" f/Human Death Dance '07
*KaiserCartel "Oh No" f/March Forth/Bluhammock '08
*F5 "The Reckoning" f/ The Reckoning/OarFin/Koch '08

9:00 AM

Brian Head Welch - Flush - Single - Flush
Purchase "Flush" by ex-KoRn co-founder/guitarist right here
Brian"Head"Welch "Flush"(Puke Ver.) f/Save Me From../Ryko '08
*Scarlett Johansson "I Wish I Was in New Orleans" f/Any../Atco '08
Crash Street Kids "Berlin" f/Transatlantic Suicide/Hot City '08
*The Futureheads "Sale Of The Century" f/This Is Not../Nul '08
People In Planes "Mayday (M'Aidez) f/Beyond The../Wind-Up '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Summertime Blues" f/Bad Reputaion '92
*Jim Boggia
"8 Track" f/Misadventures in Stereo/Bluhammock '08
*Casxio "Seventeen" f/Accidental Rhythm-VA/Invisible DJ '08
*Tricky "Council Estate"(Kotchy remix) f/single/ Domino '08
*Alice Cooper "Catch Me If You Can" f/ single/SPV '08
The Alarm "Love Hope and Strength" f/Guerilla Tactics '08
*The Love Me Nots "Give Em What They Want"/Detroit/Atomic '08
The Cute Lepers "Terminal Boredom" f/Can't Stand../Blackheart '08

*Gave away Scarlett Johansson "Anywhere I Lay My Head" CDs

*Note: Crash Street Kids perform acoustic live
@ 7 PM on tomorrow night's edition


Sunday July 20....Show # 133....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Styrofoam f/Josh Rouse "Lil White Boy" f/A Thousand../Nettwerk
*Passenger "Wicked Man's Rest" f/Wicked../Cooking Vinyl
*Delta Spirit "Trashcan" f/Ode To Sunshine/Rounder
*Dominici "Revelation" f/03 A Trilogy-Part 3/SPV
The Dandy Warhols "The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers"
elodieO "La Mer" f/Stubborn /Mulatta
*GOB "Prescription" f/Muertos Vivos /Cobraside
Feral Children "Spy/Glass House" f/Second to the Last..Fontana
*James "Waterfall"(Album Version) f/Hey Ma/ Decca
Bloc Party "Mercury" mastered non-single f/TBD/ Epic

Brian Head Welch - Flush - Single - Flush

Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) Set
from Save Me From Myself/Ryko
"Re-bel" (Exclusive special edited down version)
*"Flush" f/ Save Me From Myself (Puke version)
"Money" (Exclusive special edited down version)

7:00 PM

*Hell N' Diesel "Crosses(Kixxx)" f/Passion or Power/Locomotive
*The Love Me Nots "Work" f/Detroit /Atomic A Go Go
*Storm Warrior "The Holy Cross" f/Heading Northe/Locomotive
Crash Street Kids "The Zero" f/Transatlantic Suicide/Hot City
*Scarlett Johansson "Wherever I Lay My Head" f/Live Sessions/iTunes

Called in live immediately finishing performing
at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

He also put Dave Wakeling from The English Beat
on for a couple of minutes.

The Alarm
"Three Sevens Clash" f/Guerilla Tactics
The Alarm
"Rat Trap" f/Guerilla Tactics

(ended show w/)*Tricky
"Council Estate" f/single/Domino


Saturday July 19....Show # 148....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Iron Maiden "Lord Of Light" f/A Matter of Life and Death '07
Tenacious D "Kickapoo" f/The Pick of Destiny '07
*Feral Children "Spy/Glass House" f/Second To..Fontana '08
David Bowie "Andy Warhol" f/Hunky Dory '71
Placebo "English Summer Rain" f/Sleeping With Ghosts '03
Rammstein "Wo Bist Du" f/ Rosenrot '05
*Ruff Justice "Rats With Wings" unsigned United Kingdom '08
Elastica "Stutter" f/S/T '95
*Frightened Rabbit "The Twist" f/The Midnight../FatCat '08
*People In Planes "Mayday (M'Aidez)" f/Beyond../Wind-Up '08
Kongo Shock "Ska vs. Spy" f/Dick Triple Flip '94
Warlock f/Doro "Metal Racer" f/Burning The Witches '84
The Hellacopters "The Excorcist" f/ By The Grace of God '04
The Alarm "Three Sevens Clash" f/Guerilla Tactics/21st Cent. '08

8:00 AM

*Manraze "Jalo"(Phil Collen/Paul Cook) f/Surreal/VH1 Classic '08
*The Airborne Toxic Event "Sometime Around Midnight" '08
Toadies "No Deliverance" f/single/ Kirtland '08

Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams - The Heart Gently Weeps (feat. Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison & John Frusciante)
You can purchase this WU TANG CLAN song from iTunes right now!
Wu Tang Clan f/Erykah Badu "The Heart Gently Weeps" '07
*Kerli "Hurt Me" f/Love Is Dead /Island '08
*Autolux "Helter Skelter" f/ single unsigned Los Angeles '08
Diary Of Dreams "The Plague" f/ Nekrolog 43 '07
Nightwish "Bye Bye Beautiful" f/Dark Passion Play '07
*Motley Crue "Just Another Psycho" f/Saints of Los Angeles/11-7 '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "I Want You" f/Notorious '91

9:00 AM

**Special guest live in studio for a chat and
some of his music from his new
forthcoming CD "Save Me From Myself"

Played the single "Flush" once again.

Thanks to Warner Music/Ryko
for allowing me to debut edited down
versions of:

"Loyalty", "Re-bel", "Die Religion Die", "Money"
*album out in September

(co-founder and original KoRn guitarist)

Brian Head Welch - Flush - Single - Flush
You can purchase the song "Flush" for .99 here from iTunes


Sunday July 13....Show # 132....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

**Tonight's special show is titled
"Women On Top (
pause) All Over The World"

My co-host for the evening
New Times Music Editor Niki D' Andrea
plus Nicole from The Love Me Nots came
in to debut four new songs from the band's
forthcoming second CD- "Detroit" on
Atomic A Go Go Records.

(N) Niki's selections
(J) Jonathan's choices

Great mix of new and old

(J)*olodieO "La Mer" f/Stubborn/ Mulatta '08
(J) Lamia Cross "Yamazakura" unsigned Paris, France '07
(J) Kerli "Walking On Air" f/Love Is Dead/ Island '08
(J) Isa & The Filthy Tongues "Trouble" unsigned Edinburgh '07
(N) X-Ray Spex "The Day The World Turned Dayglo" '77
(N) Teagan & Sara "The Con" f/The Con '07
*The Love Me Nots "Bulletproof Heart" f/Detroit '08
(J) Dopegirl "Looking For Some Action" unsigned Los Angeles '07
(N) Black Carl "Chemistry" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '07
(J) Hydrogyn "Rejection" f/Deadly Passions/DR2 '08
(N) The Gits "Second Skin" f/Frenching The Bully '92
(J) Little Jackie "28 Butts" f/ The Stoop/S-Curve '08
(N) Hole "The Void" (U.K. single version) f/Doll Parts '95
(N) The Smears "Get Off Your High Horse" f/Love Is Fer Suckers'94
*The Love Me Nots "You're Really Something" f/Detroit '08

7:00 PM

(J)*Phoenix Williams "Feel For You" unsigned United Kingdom '08
(N) 12 Rounds "Hesitate" f/Jitter Juice '96
(J) The Malamondos "Bad Bad Fun Girl" f/Roctopussy/BW '08
(N) Bantam "Dirty Machine" f/S/T '02
*The Love Me Nots "Secret Pocket" f/Detroit '08
(J)* Kerli "Creepshow" f/Love Is Dead/Island '08
(N) Patti Smith Group "Pumping (My Heart) f/Radio Ethiopia '76
(J) Gossip "Standing In The Way Of Control (Live Ver.)/Columbia '08
(J) Nightwish "Amaranth" f/Dark Passion '07
(N) The Butchies "Send Me You" f/Make Yr Life '04
*The Love Me Nots "Love Letter" f/Detroit '08
(N) Mary Prankster "Brave New Baby" f/Tell Your Friends '02
(J) Lauren Harris "Steal Your Fire" f/Calm Before The../DR2'08

Gave away KERLI "Love Is Dead" CDs


Saturday July 12....Show # 147....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Dave Stewart & Spiritual Cowboys "King of the Hypocrites" '90
Nightwish "7 Days to the Wolves" f/Dark Passion Play '07
*Hell N' Diesel "Sexual Suicide" f/Passion For../Locomotive '08
Yello "The Race"(The Pits Mix) f/Special UK single '88
Brad "La, La,La" f/Welcome To Discovery Park '02
*IAMX "Stick It In Me" f/Kiss and Swallow/Metropolis '08
*The Malamondos "Bad Bad Fun Girl" f/Rocktopussy/Red Car '08
The Clash "Janie Jones" The Clash UK edition '77
Everlast f/Cypress Hill "Folsom Prison Blues" f/single/Martyr '08
*The Dandy Warhols "The Legend of the Outlaw..f/single/Beat '08
Accept "Walking in the Shadow" f/Russian Roulette '86
Bran Van 3000 "Supermodel" f/Glee '97
Joy Division "Novelty" f/Permanent Joy Division:95/ Orig. '80
*Sammy Hagar "I'm On A Roll" f/single/Cabo Wabo Music '08

8:00 AM

Enigma "Mea Culpa" f/MCMXC a.D. '90
*Toadies "No Deliverance" f/ single '08
Roni Size "Brown Paper Bag" f/Reprazent '98
The Candyskins "Submarine Song" f/Space I'm In '91
*Dialog "Saturn Returns" unsigned United Kingdom '08
The Cult "In The Clouds" f/High Octane/(Previously unreleased) '96
The Gaslight Anthem "The '59 Sound" f/single/SideOneDummy '08
Shudder To Think "So Into You" f/Pony Express Record '95

Quindon Tarver - Romeo + Juliet (10th Anniversary Edition) [Music from the Motion Picture] - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (2007 Mix)
You can purchase this rare song by BAZ LUHRMANN now on iTunes
Baz Luhrmann "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) 2007 Ver.

"Waterfall" f/Hey Ma /Decca '08

9:00 AM

Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Flush" f/Save Me From Myself '08
*Bloc Party "Mercury" just mastered non-single f/TBD/Epic '08
*Kerli "Strange Boy" f/Love Is Dead/Island '08
Rage "Carved In Stone" f/Carved In Stone/Locomotive '08
The Faint "The Geeks Were Right" f/Fasciinatiion/Blank.Wav '08
Joan Jett Song of the Week: The Runaways "Mama Weer All..'78
Chaotica "When She Falls"(Ratprick mix) Cold Fusion '08
O'Luge w/Citizen Cope "Coming Back" f/sampler/Last Gang '08
The Invisible Humans "Are We Wrong for This.." unsigned L.A.
Innerpartysystem "Don't Stop" f/single/Island '08
*Mr and Mrs Mays "Milestone" f/S/T /Handmade '08

*Gave away KERLI "Love Is Dead" CD's


Sunday July 6....Show # 131....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Crash Street Kids "Dressed In White" f/Transatlantic../HC
*Rage "Carved In Stone" f/Carved In Stone/Locomotive
*The Vibrants "Messages" unsigned United Kingdom
*O'Luge w/Citizen Cope "Coming Back" f/sampler/LastGang
KMFDM "Split" (Mirrorball mix) f/Extra Vol.1/Metropolis
Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Flush" f/Save Me From Myself
*Innerpartysystem "Don't Stop" f/single/Island
Everlast f/Cypress Hill "Folsom Prison Blues"f/single/Martyr
Motley Crue "Chicks=Trouble" f/Saints Of Los Angeles /11-7
*The Presets "Yippy-Ay" f/Apocolypso /Modular
*The Gaslight Anthem "The '59 Sound" f/single/SideOneDummy
*Clutch "Dragonfly" (Live) f/sampler /Weathermaker
*Chaotica "When She Falls" (Ratprick remix) f/single/Cold Fusion

7:00 PM

Billy Idol "John Wayne" f/Best Of../Capitol
*The Faint "The Geeks Were Right" f/Fasciinatiion/blank.way

Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - The Poet and the Pendulum
Download this NIGHTWISH song right now!

Nightwish "The Poet and the Pendulum" f/Dark Passion..'07 (13:55)
*Paul Surra & Mike Berg "Goin' Blind" (Kiss cover) demo
*Kerli "Love is Dead" f/Love Is Dead/Island
*Joseph Arthur "New Satisfaction" f/Foreign Girls/Lonelyastronaut
*Architecture In Helsinki "Like It Or Not" (Gaucho mix)/Polyvinyl
Pepper "Freeze" f/Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations/Law
Crytal Castles "Black Panther" f/ST/ Last Gang

*Gave away Billy Idol "Best Of.." CDs


Saturday July 5....Show # 146....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Rammstein "Amerika" (Live) f/Volkerball '07
Gary Numan "Emotion" f/The Mix '98
Wonderstuff "Escape from Rubbish Island" f/Escape..'05
*Pepper "Freeze" f/Pink Crustaceans and Good../Law '08
Kix "Baby Time Bomb" f/Show Busine$$ '95
Iggy & The Stooges "Penetration" f/Raw Power '73
Chelsea "45 RPM" f/Faster,Cheaper & Better Looking '05
The Hold Steady "Constructive Summer" f/Stay..Vagrant '08
Afroman "Let's Get High Tonight" f/Afroholic..'04
*Saul Williams "Sunday Bloody Sunday" f/The In../Fader'08
*Motley Crue "Chicks=Trouble" f/Saints of Los Angeles/11-7'08
Fluke "Atom Bomb" (Atomix 3 remix) f/single '97
Blow Up Hollywood "Salvation" unsigned N.Y. '06
Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia '08

8:00 AM

London After Midnight "America's A F***ing Disease" f/Vio..'07
*Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Flush" f/Save Me From Myself '08
Buckethead "Ballad of Buckethead" f/Monsters & Robots '99
Grand Duchy (Frank Black) "Black Suit" demo/not available '07
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Tush" f/The Hit List '90
Billy Idol "John Wayne" f/ Best of..Capitol '08
Radiohead "Planet Telex" f/Best of '08-Originally f/The Bends'95
Halford "Hyprocrisy (US Mix) f/Metal God:Essentials Vol.1 '07
The Jam "Get Yourself Together" f/Extras '92 Orig, released '81

Danny Elfman - Wanted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - The Little Things
You can own this single from DANNY ELFMAN right now from iTunes!
Danny Elfman "The Little Things" f/Wanted Soundtrack/Lakeshore'08

9:00 AM

Scar Symmetry "Timewave Zero" f/Holygraphic../Nuclear Blast '08
*Coldplay "Viva La Vida" f/ Viva La Vida /Capitol '08
*The Boxing Lesson "Dance With Meow" f/Wild../Big Badness '08
Little Jackie "28 Butts" f/The Stoop/S-Curve '08
Mindless Self Indulgenge "MDC" f/If/The End '08
*Everlast f/Cypress Hill "Folsam Prison Blues"f/single/Martyr '08
Edgar Winter f/Slash "Rebel Road f/single/Airline '08
*Wolf Parade "California Dreamer" f/S/T /Sub Pop '08
*The Alarm "Love, Hope & Strength" f/Guerilla Tactics '08
*Crystal Castles "Black Panther" f/ST/ Last Gang '08
Motley Crue "Goin' Out Swingin' f/ Saints of Los Angeles/11-7 '08

*Gave away BILLY IDOL "Best of..Idolize Yourself CD/DVD's
and Crytal Castle CD's