Saturday August 2....Show # 150....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

W.A.S.P. "Hellion" (Live) f/Live...Animal '87
Sisters Of Mercy "Marian" f/First and Last and Always '85
Richard Barone "Before You Were Born" f/Primal Dream '90
*The Enemy UK "Away From Here" f/We'll Live../WB '08
Wayne/Jane County "I Had Too Much.." f/R&R Cleopatra '81
Bang Tango "Dancing On Coals" f/Psycho Cafe '91
*Sevendust "The Past" f/Chapter VII: Hope and../7Bros'08
*Flobots "Rise" f/single/ Universal Republic '08
Sissy Prozac "Ich Liebe Ich" f/Swedish import '00
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "The Harder They.." '08
*Elemeno P "Baby C'mon" f/Phase Five: NZ Music Part 12 '08
Josh Todd (Buckcherry) "Mind Infection" f/You Made Me '03
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Baby Blue" f/Sinner '06
Sky Parade "We Should Be Lovers" unsigned Los Angeles '08
*Stephen Pearcy "In Outta Love" f/Under My Skin/Airline '08
*The Malamondos "Do The Temptation" f/Roctopussy/BW '08
Apollo Sunshine "Brotherhood of Death" f/Shall../B&G '08

8:00 AM

*Combichrist "Sent To Destroy" (N.mix) f/Frost/Metropolis '08

Combichrist - Frost: Sent to Destroy - Sent to Destroy (Northborne Remix)
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Tickle Me Pink "Madeline" f/Madeline/Wind-Up '08
VNV Nation "Chrome" f/Matter & Form '05
Swervedriver "Last Train To Satansville" f/Mezcal Head '92
Cinderella "Gyspy Road" f/Long Cold Winter '88
Batfish "Another One Bites The Dust" f/UK single '89
Jim Boggia "Listening To NRBQ" f/Misadventures../Bluham.. '08
Groove Armada "I See You Baby" f/Vertigo '99
Motorhead "God Was Never On Your Side" f/Kiss Of Death '06
*The Love Me Nots "I'm The One" f/Detroit/Atomic A Go Go '08

9:00 AM

*The Pretenders "Boots of Chinese Plastic" f/Break../Shan..'08
* Todd Rundgren "Gun" f/Arena/ HiFi '08
Monte Negro "Anomie (The Blues Armada)" f/Who Told../Epic '08
Dokken "This Fire" f/Lightening Strikes Again/Rhino '08
*Alice Cooper "Vengence Is Mine" f/Along Came a Spider/SPV '08
TJ Lavin "Soldier" f/Tribute single to Steven Murray/SPV '08
Tiki Taane "Now This Is It" f/Phase Five: NZ Music Part 12 '08
*IMAX "Missle" f/Kiss and Swallow/ Metropolis '08
*F5 "Final Hour" f/The Reckoning/OarFin/Koch '08
*Dragonforce "Heroes of Our Time" f/Ultra Beatdown/Roadrunner'08
Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Loyalty" (edit) f/Save Me../Ryko '08
*Powersolo "Think About It" f/Egg/Crunchy Frog '08

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mgrjedi@yahoo.com said...

Hi there,

I tuned in this morning Aug 2nd, around 9:30, and heard an UNBELIEVABLE song, extremely RADIOHEAD'ish. The chorus was "Think you're giving but you're taking my life away." Can you please tell me the name of that artist and how I can get a copy of that CD? Thanks man,

Jed mgrjedi@yahoo.com