Sunday July 13....Show # 132....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

**Tonight's special show is titled
"Women On Top (
pause) All Over The World"

My co-host for the evening
New Times Music Editor Niki D' Andrea
plus Nicole from The Love Me Nots came
in to debut four new songs from the band's
forthcoming second CD- "Detroit" on
Atomic A Go Go Records.

(N) Niki's selections
(J) Jonathan's choices

Great mix of new and old

(J)*olodieO "La Mer" f/Stubborn/ Mulatta '08
(J) Lamia Cross "Yamazakura" unsigned Paris, France '07
(J) Kerli "Walking On Air" f/Love Is Dead/ Island '08
(J) Isa & The Filthy Tongues "Trouble" unsigned Edinburgh '07
(N) X-Ray Spex "The Day The World Turned Dayglo" '77
(N) Teagan & Sara "The Con" f/The Con '07
*The Love Me Nots "Bulletproof Heart" f/Detroit '08
(J) Dopegirl "Looking For Some Action" unsigned Los Angeles '07
(N) Black Carl "Chemistry" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '07
(J) Hydrogyn "Rejection" f/Deadly Passions/DR2 '08
(N) The Gits "Second Skin" f/Frenching The Bully '92
(J) Little Jackie "28 Butts" f/ The Stoop/S-Curve '08
(N) Hole "The Void" (U.K. single version) f/Doll Parts '95
(N) The Smears "Get Off Your High Horse" f/Love Is Fer Suckers'94
*The Love Me Nots "You're Really Something" f/Detroit '08

7:00 PM

(J)*Phoenix Williams "Feel For You" unsigned United Kingdom '08
(N) 12 Rounds "Hesitate" f/Jitter Juice '96
(J) The Malamondos "Bad Bad Fun Girl" f/Roctopussy/BW '08
(N) Bantam "Dirty Machine" f/S/T '02
*The Love Me Nots "Secret Pocket" f/Detroit '08
(J)* Kerli "Creepshow" f/Love Is Dead/Island '08
(N) Patti Smith Group "Pumping (My Heart) f/Radio Ethiopia '76
(J) Gossip "Standing In The Way Of Control (Live Ver.)/Columbia '08
(J) Nightwish "Amaranth" f/Dark Passion '07
(N) The Butchies "Send Me You" f/Make Yr Life '04
*The Love Me Nots "Love Letter" f/Detroit '08
(N) Mary Prankster "Brave New Baby" f/Tell Your Friends '02
(J) Lauren Harris "Steal Your Fire" f/Calm Before The../DR2'08

Gave away KERLI "Love Is Dead" CDs

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