Saturday July 26....Show # 149....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Devon Townsend "Planet Smasher" f/Ziltoid..'07
Foetus "Verklemmt" f/Gash '95
*Wild Sweet Orange "Ten Dead Dogs" f/We Have../Canvasback'08
Marillion "An Accidental Man" f/The Strange Engine '97
Joy Division "Day of the Lords" f/Permanent:JD '95 /0rig. '80
*Alice Cooper "(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side" f/single/SPV '08
Delta Spirit "Trashcan" f/Ode To Sunshine/Rounder '08
Fu Manchu "Knew It All Along" f/We Must Obey '07
Boomtown Rats "Hurts Hurts" f/Mondo Bongo '81
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "The Boxer" '08
*Tickle Me Pink "Madeline" f/Madeline/Wind-Up '08
T-Rex "The Avengers (Super Bad)"f/Zinc Alloy '74
Front 242 "Body To Body" f/No Comment '84
*Dr. Dog "The Old Days" f/Fate/ Park The Van '08

8:00 AM

Black Sabbath "Letters From Earth" f/Rules of Hell BS '08/Orig.'92
*IAMX "White Suburb Impressionism" f/Kiss and Swallow/Metro'08
Hanoi Rocks "Ice Cream Summer" f/Back To Mystery City '84
Manic Street Preachers "Nostalgic Pushead" f/Gold Against the..'93
Dead Kennedys "Forrest Fire" f/Plastic Surgery Disasters '82
Everlast f/Cypress Hill "Folsom Prison Blues" f/Love../Martyr'08
*Black Kids "I Wanna Be Your Limosine" f/Partie Traumatic/AG '08
Gene Loves Jezebel "Josephina" f/Heavenly Bodies" '92
KMFDM "Superpower (Buttfunk Mix) f/Brimborium/Metropolis '08
Sage Francis "Clickity Clack" f/Human Death Dance '07
*KaiserCartel "Oh No" f/March Forth/Bluhammock '08
*F5 "The Reckoning" f/ The Reckoning/OarFin/Koch '08

9:00 AM

Brian Head Welch - Flush - Single - Flush
Purchase "Flush" by ex-KoRn co-founder/guitarist right here
Brian"Head"Welch "Flush"(Puke Ver.) f/Save Me From../Ryko '08
*Scarlett Johansson "I Wish I Was in New Orleans" f/Any../Atco '08
Crash Street Kids "Berlin" f/Transatlantic Suicide/Hot City '08
*The Futureheads "Sale Of The Century" f/This Is Not../Nul '08
People In Planes "Mayday (M'Aidez) f/Beyond The../Wind-Up '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Summertime Blues" f/Bad Reputaion '92
*Jim Boggia
"8 Track" f/Misadventures in Stereo/Bluhammock '08
*Casxio "Seventeen" f/Accidental Rhythm-VA/Invisible DJ '08
*Tricky "Council Estate"(Kotchy remix) f/single/ Domino '08
*Alice Cooper "Catch Me If You Can" f/ single/SPV '08
The Alarm "Love Hope and Strength" f/Guerilla Tactics '08
*The Love Me Nots "Give Em What They Want"/Detroit/Atomic '08
The Cute Lepers "Terminal Boredom" f/Can't Stand../Blackheart '08

*Gave away Scarlett Johansson "Anywhere I Lay My Head" CDs

*Note: Crash Street Kids perform acoustic live
@ 7 PM on tomorrow night's edition

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