Saturday August 16....Show # 152....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ayreon "Computer Eyes" f/Actual Fantasty Revisited '04
The Velvet Underground "Rock & Roll" (Alternate Version) '70
The Ghost of An American Airman "Honeychild" f/Life..'92
*Tilly and the Wall "Too Excited" f/single '08
Zodiac Mindwarp "Back Seat Education" f/Tattooed Love..'87
Redd Kross "Pay For Love" f/Phaseshifter '93
*Rotersand "I Cry" f/ I Cry E.P./Metropolis '08
*Apollo Sunshine "666:The Coming of the New World.." '08
Two (Rob Halford) "Hey, Sha La La" f/Voyeurs '97
The Cult "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" f/Rare '00
*Supagroup "Jailbait" f/single reissue /Foodchain '08
Sparks "Frankly Scarlett I Don't Give A Damn" f/Sex &..'95
Sepultura "Orgasmatron" (Motörhead cover) f/German import '91
*Powersolo "Gentle On The Nards" f/Egg/Crunchy Frog '08
Computer vs Banjo "Magazine Queen" unsigned Nashville, TN '08

8:00 AM

Rosenguard "Worlds Away" f/Requiem For../Locomotive '08
*El Madmo (f/Norah Jones) "Carlo!" f/ST/Team Love '08
Blue October "X Amount Of Words" f/single version '06
Brian Eno "Third Uncle" (song Bauhaus covered in 80s) f/single '73
Everlast "Folsom Prison Blues" f/Love.War,../Hickory '08
Everlast "Letters Home from the Garden of Stone" f/Love../Hickory '08
Japanese Motors "Single Fins & Safety Pins" f/single/Vice '08
Domes Of Silence "Silver Buddah" unsigned United Kingdom '04
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Cherry Bomb" '84
The London Quireboys "7 O'Clock" f/A Bit of What You Fancy '90
Motörhead "Rock Out" (CO Version) f/Motörizer/ SPV '08

9:00 AM

Underworld "To Heal" f/Songs for Tibet/TAOP '08
Toadies "No Deliverance" f/No Deliverance/Kirtland '08
Amanda Palmer "Leeds United" f/Who Killed../Roadrunner '08
*The Chemical Brothers "Midnight Madness" f/single/Astralwerks '08

P.O.D. - When Angels & Serpents Dance - It Can't Rain Everyday
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*P.O.D. "It Can't Rain Everyday" f/When Angels &../Columbia '08
Meiko "Boys With Girlfriends" f/single/Myspace/DGC '08
*Extreme "King of the Ladies" f/Saudades de Rock/Open E '08
*Cold War Kids "Something is not Right With Me" f/Loyalty.. '08
*Oasis "The Shock of Lightening" f/Dig Out Your Soul/Reprise '08
*The Alarm "Hit The Ground Running" f/Guerilla Tactics/21 Cent. '08
Villebillies "Whiskey" f/single '05

*Gaveaway "Win It Before You Can Buy It"
"No Deliverance" download cards for entire album w/bonus

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