Sunday August 17....Show # 137....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Pyramaze "The Highlander" f/Immortal/Locomotive
*Juno Reactor "Pretty Girl" f/Gods & Monsters/Metropolis
Vayden "Anthem of the Used" f/S/T/ILG
*Dream Aria "The Rythm of Now" unsigned Toronto, Canada
Level-C "Misery" f/S/T /Locomotive
*The Shys "All Of Me" You'll Never Understand../Aeronaut
*The Dreaming Tree "Corner of a Circle" unsigned U.K.
*Rurik "Method of a Man" f/Re-Education/Athir Creative
*Mad Juana "Mad Love" f/Bruja on the Corner/Acetate
*Informatik "Nothing Greater" f/Beyond/Metropolis
*Caesars "Waking Up" f/Strawberry Weed/Astralwerks
*Electric Touch "Don't Be Afraid" f/S/T/Justice/Fontana
*Michael Franti & Spearhead "A Little Bit of Riddim" /Anti
*Toadies "Flower" f/No Deliverance/Kirtland

Rotersand - 1023 - I Cry
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Rotersand "I Cry" f/I Cry E.P./Metropolis
Frank Black SOW: w/Catholics "King & Queen of Siam '98

7:00 PM

Oasis "The Shock of Lightening" f/Dig Out Your Soul/Reprise
*Hexen "Blast Radius" f/State of Insurgency/OSM
The Chemical Brothers "Midnight Madness" /Astralwerks
*Gospel Gossip "Space Echo" f/Sing Into My../GuiltRidden
*Glen Campbell "Sing" (song by Travis) f/Meet../Capitol
*Apoptgma Bezerk "Kathy's Song" f/Singles Collec./Metropolis
*King Khan & The Shrines "Sweet Tooth" f/The Supreme../Vice
Powersolo "Gentle on The Nards" f/Egg/Crunchy Frog
El Madmo (F/Norah Jones) "Carlo!" f/ST/Team Love
*Stereolab "Neon Beanbag" f/Chemical Chords/4AD

*Gave away "Win it Before You Can Buy It"

"No Deliverance" download cards for entire album w/bonus