Sunday August 24....Show # 138....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*The Verve "Love Is Noise" (Freelance Remix) f/single/EMI
Cold War Kids "Something Is Not Right With Me" f/single
*Man-Raze "Every Second" f/Surreal/VH1 Classics
Tonya Watts "Bipolar" unsigned Nashville, TN
Brian "Head" Welch "L.O.V.E." f/Save Me From Myself/Ryko
*IAMX "President" f/The Alternative/Metropolis
*Babylon Bombs "Jaded Heart" f/Doin' You Nasty/Locomotive

The Kooks - Konk (Bonus Track Version) - Do You Wanna
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Kooks "Do You Wanna" (Goldierock Remix) f/single/Astralwerks
*Combichrist "Prince of E-ville"(Chicago CM) f/Frost/Metropolis
*Michael Franti & Spearhead "Soundsystem" f/All Rebel../Anti
Dragonforce "Heroes of Our Time" f/Ultra Beatdown/Roadrunner
*The Malamondos "Trouble" f/Rocktopussy/Red Car
*Electrical Touch "Who Put The Fire Out?" f/S/T /Justice
*Extreme "Slide" f/Saudades de Rock/Open E

7:00 PM

*The Wombats "Little Miss Pipedream" f/EP/Bright Antenna
The Dreaming Tree "Corner of a Circle" Unsigned U.K.
Lykke Li "Dance Dance Dance" f/Youth Novels/Atlantic
*F5 "My End" f/The Reckoning/OarFin
*Plushgun "How We Roll" f/EP/ Tommy Boy
Frank Black SOW: Grand Dutchy "Black Suit" (demo-NA)
*Communic "Through the Labyrinth of Life" /Locomotive
*Shock Of Pleasure "Spacetime" f/It's..Fontana/Universal
Baz Luhrmann "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" '07 V.

*Gave away EXTREME "Saudades de Rock" CDs

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