Saturday August 9....Show # 151....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

120 Days "Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out" f/S/T '06
Queensryche "The Mission" f/Operation Mindcrime '88
*The Gaslight Anthem "Here's Looking At You Kid" '08
The Dogs D'Amour "Sometimes" f/In The Dynamite.. '88
Cypress Hill & Roni Size "Child of the Wild West" f/single '02
Tony Iommi "Miranna" f/ Guitar Speak II '90
Black Kids "Hurricane Jane" f/Partie Traumatic/Columbia '08
Dodgy "Jack The Lad" f/ U.K. single '96
*Everlast "Letters Home from the Garden of Stone" f/ Love War..'08
*Glen Campbell "Good Riddence (Time of Your Life)" f/Meet '08
*The Crash "Big Ass Love" f/Pony Ride/Ryko '08
The Birthday Party "Release The Bats" f/Australian single '80
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Activity Grrrl" f/Flashback '93
*Dokken "Disease" f/Lightening Strikes Again/Rhino '08
*The Last Shadow Puppets "Gas Dance" f/single/Domino '08

8:00 AM

Gravity Kills "Enough" (Martin Atkins White Light MX) f/single '97
*The Kooks "Do You Wanna" (Coldierocks RMX) f/S/Astralwerks '08
Teddy Bears f/Elephant Man "Are You Fellin' It" f/Soft.. '06
HIM "It's All Tears" (Unplugged) f/Uneasy Listening Vol.1 '06
The Black Maria "Waking With Wolves" f/A Shared History..'06
Skid Row "White Trash" f/Revolutions Per Minute '06
*Tom Morello "The Fabled City" f/The Fabled City/Epic 08
Junkie XL "Billy Club" f/Saturday Teenage Kick '97
The Cramps "Sado County Auto Show" f/Flamejob '94
Mother Love Bone "Capricorn Sister" f/Apple '90
*KMFDM "Sucks" (No Shit Radio Ver.) f/Extra Vol.2 '08

9:00 AM

*KMFDM "A Drug Against War" (OverdoseMX) f/Extra Vol.2 '08
*Hollywood Undead "Undead" unsigned Los Angeles '08
*Ben Folds f/Regina Spektor "You Don't Know Me" f/S/Epic '08
The Break and Repair Method "You Won't Be Able To Be Sad" '08
Brian "Head" Welch (KoRn) "Flush" f/Save Me From../Ryko '08
*The Alarm "The Opening" f/Guerilla Tactics /21 Century '08
*The Alarm "Alarm Calling" f/Guerilla Tactics/21 Century '08
*The Alarm "Fightback" f/Guerilla Tactics/ 21 Century '08
*Moby "We Are All Made Of Stars 2008"f/ Songs For Tibet/TAOP'08
The Shoes "Knock Out" (80KidzRemix) f/ Accidental Rhythm '08
Clawfinger "None The Wiser" f/Life Will Kill You/Locomotive '08
The Malamondos "Do The Temptation" f/Rocktopussy/Red Car '08

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