Saturday September 6....Show # 155....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Pink Cream 69 "Children of the Dawn" f/In10sity '07
Iggy Pop "Perverts in the Sun" f/Skull Ring '03
The Call "Turn A Blind Eye" f/Modern Romans '83
*Okkervil River "Lost Coastlines" f/The Stand/JagJaguwar '08
Foreskin 500 "Ticket To Hell" f/Manpussy '94
House Of Lords "These Are The Times" f/World Upside Down '06
Crime In Stereo "Animal Pharm" f/single/Bridge Nine '08
Twisted Sister "Run For Your Life" f/Under The Blade '82
*P.O.D. f/Mike Muir "Kaliforn-Eye-A" f/When../Columbia '08

Motörhead - Motörizer - English Rose
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*Motörhead "English Rose" f/Motörizer/ SPV '08
Motörhead "Shoot Em Down" f/Twisted Forever Comp. '01
Placebo "Because I Want You" f/Meds '06
Joan Jett Song of Week: "We're Not Gonna Take It" f/Twisted..'01
Pavement "No Tan Lines" f/Shady Line EP '96
*The Spinto Band "Summer Grof" f/single/Park The Van '08

8:00 AM

London After Midnight "Feeling Fascict?" f/Violent../Metropolis '07
*Chad Van Gaalen "Willow Tree" f/Soft Airplane/ Sub Pop '08
The Clash "Straight To Hell" (Live V 7:14) f/From Here To../'82/99
Fad Gadget "4 AM" B-side of "Life on the Line" '82
C.C. Deville f/Spike/London Quireboys "Hey Good Lookin' '93
F5 "Nailed To The Gun" (Fight cover) *Not available anywhere '08
*F5 "Wake Up" f/The Reckoning/ OarFin '08
John Cale "Ooh La La" f/Seducing Down:..Collection 1970-1990 '94
Curve "Chinese Burn" (S. Osborne Mix) f/single '97
Tesla "I Wanna Live" f/Forever More/Tesla Electric '08

9:00 AM

*Rotersand "Rush" (Recut V.) f/I Cry E.P./Metropolis '08
*Blessed By A Broken Heart "To Be Young" f/Pedal../CenturyM '08
*Tricky "Baligaga" f/Knowle West Boy"/Domino '08
*Brian "Head" Welch "Shake" f/Save Me from Myself/Ryko '08
*Prototypes "L'Amour" f/Prototypes/Minty Fresh '08
*Dragonforce "A Flame For Freedom" f/Ultra../Roadrunner '08
*Pendulum "Propane Nightmares" f/Silico/Atlantic
*Lipstick Magazine "Ok To Cry" f/Skin Deep/Nightmare '08
Todd Rundgren "Strike" f/Arena/Hi Fi '08
The Last Shadow Puppets "Gas Dance" f/single/Domino '08
*The Dandy Warhols "Now You Love Me" f/Earth to../Beat TW '08

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