Saturday September 13....Show # 156....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first timed aired

Ten "Strange Land" f/Far Beyond The World '01
The Mars Volta "Televators" (Full Version) f/De-Loused..'03
Tripping Daisy "I Got A Girl" f/I Am an Elastic Firecracker '95
*Tally Hall "Welcome To Tally Hall" (New edit) f/single '08
Deckard "Still" f/Stereodreamscene '99
Oomph! f/Nina Hagen "Fieber" f/Plastik/German import '99
*I'm From Barcelona "Paper Planes" f/Holland import single '08
Gilby Clarke "Mercedes Benz" f/Rubber '98
Peter & The Test Tube Babies "Spirit of Keith Moon" f/single '85
*Queen & Paul Rodgers "C-Lebrity" f/The Cosmos../Hollywood '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Love is All Around" f/single '96
Brian Wilson "California Role" f/That Lucky Old Sun/Capitol '08
Nightwish "Cadence of Her Last Breath" f/Dark Passion Play '07
Thin Lizzy "Toughest Street in Town" f/Black Rose '79
IAMX "Missile" f/Kiss & Swallow/Metropolis '08
*Motörhead "Teach You How To Sing The Blues" f/Motörizer/ SPV '08

8:00 AM

William S. Burroughs "Advice For Young People" (Pete Arden Mix) '94
*Evergrey "Broken Wings" f/Torn /SPV '08
Blackfield "Christenings" f/Blackfield II '07
Laibach "Message from the Black Star" f/Jesus Christ Superstar '96

Vice Squad - A Punk Tribute to Metallica - Enter Sandman
You gotta have this cover of Metallica! Click on iTunes now!
Vice Squad "Enter Sandman" f/Punk Tribute to Metallica '01
*The Black and White Years "Write in a Book" f/S/T/Brando '08
Hanoi Rocks "A Day Late, A Dollar Short" f/Twelve Shots..'03
Nightwish "Last of the Wilds" f/Dark Passion Play '07
*Tat "Road To Paradise" f/single/ Red Wagon '08
*Goldfrapp "Caravan Girl" f/Holland single/Mute '08

9:00 AM

*Stormlord "Mare Nostrum" f/Mare Nostrum/ Locomotive '08
*The Kamen "The Man I Am" unsigned Sheffield, England '08
*The Stone Foxes "Beneath Mt. Sinai" unsigned San Francisco '08
Digital Summer "Use Me (Acoustic) unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Grandaddy "What Happened..?" f/Just Like the Fambly Cat '06
Grandaddy "Jeez Louise" f/Just Like the Fambly Cat '06
*Son Of Sam "Twisted Soul" f/Into The Night/Horror High '08
*Tonya Watts "Whore" unsigned Nashville, TN '08
War Stories "Take My Everything" f/Vol.1/Ares '08
Everlast "Letters Home From The Garden Of Stone" f/single '08
Birdmonster "Heart of the Dead" f/From the../Fader '08

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