Saturday October 11....Show # 160....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Tygers of Pan Tang "Killers" f/Wild Cat '80
Moby "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" f/Animal..'97
Penal Colony "Blue Nine" (Free Me mix) f/Man Job '95
*The Stills "Don't Talk Down" f/Oceans Will Rise/A&C '08
MC 900 Ft. Jesus "Truth is Out of Style" f/Hell With the..'89
The Fall "Lost In Music" f/Why Are People Grudgeful? EP '93
Wohjan Bros "Oh No You Didn't" f/single/Nettwerk '08
Blue October "What If We Could" f/Foiled '06
L.A. Guns "Give A Little" f/Cocked & Loaded '89
Solar Twins "Rock The Casbah" (Clash cover) f/single '99
*The Yelling "Honey" unsigned North Hollywood, CA '08
Emigrate (Richard Z/Rammstein) "Temptation" f/Emigrate '07
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Treadin' Water" f/Notorius '91
*Social Code "He Said She Said" unsigned Edmonton, Canada '08

8:00 AM

UNKLE f/Ian Astbury "Burn My Shadow" f/War Stories '07
*Kiske "Longing" f/Past in Different Ways/Blistering '08
The Knife "Neverland" f/Radio EP '06

Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants - Single - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants
Ok, here is your chance own Lazyboy's awesome song- click on iTunes
Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside The Pants" f/TV '04
Robyn Hitchcock/The Egyptians "Tell Me About Your Drugs" '86
Crash Street Kids "Mandy and the Lepers" f/Chemical Dogs '07
*Revolution Renaissance "Heroes" f/New Era/Blistering '08
Joy Division "Disorder" f/Still (Released in '85)
*Lamia Cross "Showtime" unsigned Paris, France '08
KMFDM "Naff Off" f/Extras Vol. 1/Metropolis '08
Die So Fluid "Existential Baby" f/Not Everybody../Koch '08

9:00 AM

*Bigelf "Race With Time" f/Cheat The Gallows/Custard '08
*Stereophonics "My Own Worst Enemy" f/Decade in../Fontana '08
*Rig-1 "Dirty Little Sica" f/Above The Tree Line../Team Love '08
*Marya Roxx "21?!" f/ 21?!/Ram '08
*Attack! Attack! "Honesty" f/ST/Rock Ridge '08
Ben Folds "Dr. Yang" f/Way To Nowhere/Epic '08
*Powderfinger "Lost and Running" f/Dream Days../Universal '08
Goldcure "Too Long" f/Portuguese Prince/Sorin '08
*In This Moment "Forever" f/single/Century Media '08
*The Enemy UK "You're Not Alone" f/We'll Live and Die../WB '08
*The Postmarks "7-11" f/By The Numbers/Unfiltered '08

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