Saturday....October 18....Show # 161....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Blue October "X Amount of Words" (Paul Okenfold RMX) '07
Danzig "Sacrifice" f/ Blackacidevil '96
I Am Ghost "This Is The Hour" f/Lovers Requiem '06
Toadies "Hell In High Water" f/No Deliverance/Kirtland '08
Mindless Self Indulgence "Never Wanted To Dance" (Remix) '07
The Cramps "Dames, Booze, Chains & Boots" f/Look Mom No..'91

Glasvegas - Glasvegas - Geraldine
Get this song from Scotland's GLASVEGAS- click iTunes
Glasvegas "Geraldine" f/S/T/ Columbia '08
Iggy Pop "Private Hell" f/Skull Ring '03
Joan Jett SOW: Science Fiction" not available Electronic Ver. '01
*Tom Morello:The Nightwatchman "The King of Hell" /Epic '08
Dream Theater "Burning My Soul" f/Falling Into Infinity '97
The London Quireboys "Roses and Rings" f/A Bit of What..'90
*Joe Satriani "Revelation" f/Professor Satchafunkilus/Red Ink '08
*Anew Revolution "Generation" f/single/Koch '08

8:00 AM

Type O Negative "In Praise of Bacchus" f/October Rust '97
Raine Maida "China Doll" f/The Hunters Lullaby/King Noise '08
David Bowie "I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship" f/Heathen '02
Rammstein "Ashe Zu Ashe" (Live) f/ Volkerball '07
Rammstein "Bestrafe Mich" (Live) f/Live Au Berlin '99
Queensryche "Welcome To The Machine" f/Take Cover '07
*Bella Morte "Buried Within" f/Beautiful Death/Metropolis '08
HIM "Behind The Crimson Door" f/Dark Light '05
The Cult "Assault on Sanctuary" f/special single mix '85
Hollywood Undead "Undead" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '08
*Framing Hanley "Lollipop" (Lil Wayne cover) f/single/ILG

9:00 AM

*KMFDM "Brute" (In Your Face Mx) f/Extra's Vol.3/Metropolis '08
*Evolocity "Dark" f/Evolocity/Nuerra '08
el-p f/Trent Reznor "Flyentology" f/I'll Sleep When You're Dead '07
*The Secret Machines "Under The Concrete" f/S/T/ TSM '08
Stephen Lynch "Halloween" f/The Craig Machine '05
Of Montreal "Nonperail Of Favor" f/Skeletal Lamping/Polyvinyl '08
Tonya Watts "Bi Polar" unsigned Nashville, TN '08
The Fireman "Sing The Changes" f/Electric Arguments/ATO '08
*Revolution Renaissance "Keep The Flame Alive" f/New../Blist. '08
Billy Boy On Poison "Saturday's Child" f/EP/Ironworks '08
Dee Dee King (Ramone) "Brooklyn Babe" f/Standing in the..'89
Boogie Company "Amerika" (Rammstein cover) unsigned Estonia '08

*Note: No show Saturday October 25--on Vacation
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