*Remember-no shows next week
On vacation
Saturday November 1
& Sunday November 2

Sunday....October 19....Show # 146....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Die So Fluid "Throw You Away" f/Not Everybody../Koch
*Rurik "Make Me Like You" f/Re-Education/W Studio
F-5 "Nailed To the Gun" (Fight cover) radio only track/Oar Fin
*SIXX A.M. "Tomorrow" new radio single version/11-7
Framing Hanley "Lollipop" (Lil Wayne cover) f/single/ILG
*Blessed By A Broken Heart "Ride Into The Night" f/Pedal../CM
*The Yelling "Burning For What" unsigned North Hollywood, CA

I'm from Barcelona - Who Killed Harry Houdini? - Music Killed Me
Get this song from I'M FROM BARCELONA -click iTunes
*I'm From Barcelona "Music Killed Me" f/Who Killed../Mute
*Attack! Attack! "From Now On" f/UK/Rock Ridge
*Bagga Bownz "UP2U" f/Done With The Pain/Wong Song
Joe Satriani "Revelation" f/Professor Satchafunkilus/Red Ink
*Sing It Loud "Over You" f/Come Around /Epitaph
*The Enemy UK "Five Years" f/We'll Live and Die../WB
Lipstick Magazine "All I Want" f/Skin Deep/Nightmare
*The Last Shadow Puppets "Standing Next To Me" f/The../Domino

7:00 PM

Evolocity "Dark" f/Evolocity/Nuerra '08
*KMFDM "Juke Joint Jezebel" (Poly-Matrix X-Tended) f/Extras Vol.3
*Jay Reatard "An Ugly Death" f/Singles '08/Matador
*Kaiser Chiefs "Spanish Metal" f/Off With../UniversalMotown
*The Stills "Everything I Build" f/Oceans Will Rise/A&C
*The Dears "Dream Job" f/Missles/Dangerbird
*Kiske "When The Sinner" f/Past in a Different Way/Blistering
*Motörhead "The Thousand Names of God" f/Motörizer/ SPV
*Dead Confederate "The Rat" (Album Ver.) f/Wrecking Ball/R&T
*Apoptgma Bezerk "Ashes to Ashes" (German Slam V.) Metropolis
*Harley & The Night "Dandelion" f/Side A/Shampoo

*Gave away Lipstick Magazine CD and T-Shirt

*Note: No show Sunday October 26--
on Vacation
- Back on Sunday November 2

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