Sunday....November 9....Show # 148....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Year Of The Moth "Deficit" f/Transitions/Werewolf
*That Handsome Devil "Viva Discordia" f/A City../LGM
*ZO2 "Ain't It Beautiful" reissued 2008 Ver.single/Spivey Cool
The Stills "Don't Talk Down" f/Oceans Will Rise/A&C
*We Are Scientists "Dinosaurs" (Ibiza Mix) f/single/Astralwerks
Combichrist "Prince Of E-Ville" (Chicago Club Mix) /Metropolis

That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed In Dynamite - Damn Door
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That Handsome Devil "Damn Door" f/A City in Dynamite/LGM
Lordi "Deadache" f/Deadache/The End/Sony BMG
The Pink Spiders "Gimmie Chemicals" f/single/Adrenaline
*Geebeats f/Dennisgut "The Breeze" unsigned Bristol, England
*Shiney Toy Guns "I Owe You A Love Song" f/Season../Universal
ohGr "Timebomb" f/Devils in my Details"/SPV
Guns 'N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" f/Chinese../GeffenInterscope
*Von Iva "Emerald Eyes" unsigned San Francisco, CA
*Dir En Grey "Dozing Green" unsigned Japan
The Dears "Dream Job" f/Missles/Dangerbird

7:00 PM

*Plushgun "How We Roll" (Jesse No Instrum.) f/single/Tommy Boy
*David Bowie "The Bewley Brothers" f/iSelect/Astralwerks
*Cousins of the Wize "Two Bottles of Beer" unsigned Scotttsdale, AZ
*Rob Zombie "Warzone" f/Punisher:Warzone OST/Lionsgate/Red
That Handsome Devil "Mexico" f/A City in Dynamite/LGM
Die So Fluid "Kiss The Floor" f/Spawn of../Renaissance
*Bloc Party "Your Visits Are Getting Shorter" f/Intimacy/Atlantic
Digital Summer "Use Me" (Acoustic) unsigned Phoenix, AZ
*Crystal Antlers "Until The Sun Dies" f/EP/Touch and Go
3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me" (On Steroid Mix) f/single/Atlantic
Oh My God "But That's Just Me" f/single/Splitred
Randy Piper's Animal "Zombie" f/Virus/Locomotive
Duff McKagan's Loaded "No More" f/Wasted Heart EP/CM

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