Saturday....November 15....Show #164....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Bruce Dickinson "No Lies" f/Tattooed Millionaire '90
1000 Homo Djs (A. Jourgensen) "Saupernaught" single version '90
*The Dears "Demons" f/Missles/Dangerbird '08
Groove Armada "Madder" f/Lovebox '02
Gwen Mars "Cosmic Dick" f/Magnosheen '95
*Vampire Weekend "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance" (Ch.MX) '08
Indian "Elvis & Spiders" unsigned Ireland '07
*Rose Tattoo "Black Eyed Bruiser" f/Blood Brothers/SPV '08
The Bobs "Whole Lotta Love" (Accapella) f/Sings the Songs of...'91
The Alarm "Hit The Ground Running" f/Guerilla../21 Century '08

**Non Cult set f/Billy Duffy, Ian Astbury, Billy Morrison**
Colorsound "Independence" never released demo '98
Holy Barbarians "Blind" f/Cream '96
Circus Diablo "Mad Parade" f/S/T '07
That Handsome Devil "Mexico" f/A City in Dynamite/LGM '08

8:00 AM

Martin L. Gore "Das Lied vom einsamen M├Ądchen" (Nico song) '03
*Tatem "Exist" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Mission U.K. "Amelia" f/ Amelia single '90
Flotsam and Jetsam "Der Fuhrer" f/Doomsday..re-mastered '06
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Baby Blue" f/Sinner '06

OhGr - Devils In My Details - Pepper
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*ohGr (Skinny Puppy) "Pepper" f/Devils In My Details/SPV '08
Goldo "To All The Lovely Ladies" f/S/T '98
Madam Crain & Wahorn "Panties On Fire" f/Punk Baby..'98
Brian "Head" Welch "Shake" f/Save Me From Myself/Ryko '08
ZO2 "Ain't It Beautiful" reissued 2008 Ver. single/Spivey Cool '08
*Girlschool "Whole New World" f/Legacy/Wacken/SPV '08

9:00 AM

*Leverage "King of the Night" f/S/T/ Blistering '08
* Living Things "Let It Rain" f/single/ Jive '08
Cousins of the Wize "Two Bottles of Beer" unsigned Scotttsdale '08
*Plushgun "Just Impolite" (Jesse NV mix) f/single/TommyBoy '08
*Lou Reed "Lady Day" f/Live at St. Ann's Warehouse/Matador '08
*My Device "Slamming Doors" unsigned United Kindom '08
*Bang! Bang! Eche! "4 To The Floor" unsigned New Zealand '08
*Twisted Sister "Come Out and Play" f/Live at the Astoria/DVE '08
Michael Franti & Spearhead "Soundsystem" f/All Rebel../Anti '08
3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me" (On Steroid Mix) f/single/Atlantic '08

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