Saturday....November 22....Show # 165....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Zwan "Settle Down" f/Mary Star of the Sea '03
Front 242 "Tragedy For You" (Punish YM Mix) f/single '90
Dead Confererate "Wrecking Ball" f/Wrecking./Razor & Tie '08
Plexi "Forest Ranger" f/Cheer Up '96
The Pleasure Barons "Gangster of Love" f/Live in Las Vegas '93
*Rose Tattoo "1854" f/Blood Brothers/Wacken/SPV '08
Johnette Napolitano "I'm Up Here" f/Scarred '07
DKAY.com/Die Krupps "The Perfect Drug" f/Tribute: NIN '00
*Franz Ferdinand "Ulysses" f/Tonight: FF/Domino '08
New Wet Kojak "Living 2 Low" f/N 4 EP '01
Tipton, Entwistle, & Powell "Walls Cave In" f/Edge..'06

Sister Sin - Switchblade Serenades - Love/Hate
Want this rockin' song from Sweden's SISTER SIN? Click iTunes
*Sister Sin "Love/Hate" f/Switchblade Serenade/Victory '08

8:00 AM

Big Audio Dynamite "Much Worse" (Ext. Mix) f/single '88
*Belle & Sebastian "Shoot The Sexual Athlete" f/BBC Sessions '08
Samhain "I Am Misery" f/Unholy Passion '85
*Everlast "Dirty" f/Love, War and the Ghost../Martyr/Hickory '08
*Apoptygma Bezerk "Eclipse" (Dimension RMX) /Metropolis '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "MCA" f/Flashback '93
*Negative Space "White House" unsigned Lanchaster, PA '08
Stereo MC's "Deep Down & Dirty" f/Deep Down & Dirty '01
Placebo "Blue American" f/Black market Music '00
*Crushed "Love My Way" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Suicidal Tendencies "Come Alive" /NEW/NOT AVAILABLE '08

9:00 AM

Brian "Head" Welch "Loyalty" f/Save Me Fron Myself/Ryko '08
*Patrick Droney "The Other Side" f/The Other../Rock Ridge '08
*Polarkreis 18 "Allein Allein" unsigned Dresden, Germany '08
*Science Faxtion "Life-IS IN-Deliver" f/Living../Mascot/Sony '08
*Girlschool "Everything's The Same" f/Legacy/Wacken/SPV '08
TAT "Road To Paradise" f/single/Red Wagon '08
Digital Summer "Rescue Me" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
*Flobots "Rise" f/Fight With../UniversalRepublic '08
Jorn "Shadow People" f/Lonely Are The Brave/Blistering '08
*Royal Bliss "I Was Drunk" f/single/MVP Music ''08
Science Faxtion "Looking For Eden" f/Living../Mascot/Sony '08

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