Saturday.... November 29....Show # 166....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

KMFDM "Unfit" (DBTRemix) f/Extra Vol.3/Metropolis '08
Heaven & Hell "Neon Knights" f/Live at Radio City Music Hall '07
*Age of Daze "Afflicted" unsigned Canada '08
Manic Street Preachers "Roses in the Hospital" f/Gold..'93
Fatboy Slim "Don't Let The Man Let You Down" f/Greatest..'06
*Forever Slave "Gothix Girls" f/Tales For Bad Girls/SPV '08
Blur "Crazy Beat" f/Think Tank '03
*Johnny Cash "Rock Island Line"(Wolf) Remixed/Compadre '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Time Has Come Today" f/Hit List '90
PIL "Luck's Up" f/That What Is Metal EP '92
Accept "The Beast Inside" f/Death Row '95
*Everlast "Saving Grace" f/ Love, War and the Ghost../Martyr '08
Crushed "Love My Way" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
Motörhead "English Rose" f/Motörizer/Steamhammer/SPV '08

8:00 AM

Kim McAuliffe from Girlschool
called in live from London, England

Great conversation for 45-minutes
Music played: "
"Everything's The Same", "Whole New World", *"London"
from "Legacy"/ Wacken/SPV '08

*Paul Van Dyk "Talk in Grey" (Remix) f/Hands on../Mute '08

Ayreon - 01011001 - Ride the Comet
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Ayreon "Ride The Comet" f/Ayreon vs Avantasia/InsideOut '08
Rammstein "Spiel Mit Mir" f/Sehnsucht '97
*Dude Offline "Cyber Girl" (Remix) unsigned Phoenix '08

9:00 AM

*Saxon "Battalions of Steel" f/Into The Labyrinth/SPV '08
*Pistol Youth "In My Eyes" unsigned New Zealand '08
*Let's Go Sailing "Icicles" (Remix) f/single/Yardleypop '08
*Science Faxtion "I See Rockets" f/Living on Another/Mascot '08
*Moby "The Stars" (Slater Remix) f/Last Night/Remixed/Mute '08
*Girlschool "Metropolis" f/Legacy/ Wacken/SPV '08
*Steve Wynn "Love Me Anyway" f/Crossing../Rock Ridge '08
*Lordi "Missing Miss Charlene" f/Deadache/The End '08
*That Handsome Devil "Squares" f/A City Dressed../LGM '08
*Johnny Cash "Leave That Junk Alone" (A3) Remixed/Compadre '08
Suicidal Tendencies "Come Alive" /NOT AVAILABLE '08
Tonya Watts "Whore" unsigned Nashville, TN '08

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