Saturday....December....Show # 170....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Dream Theater "In the Prescence of Enemies" f/ System.. '07
T-Rex "Monolith" f/Electric Warrior '71
F5 "Nailed To The Gun" radio bonus track only/OarFin '08
*Science Faxtion "Gone Tomorrow" f/Living on../Mascot '08
Hawkwind "Ejection" f/Lord of Light '72
Love & Rockets "Mirror People" f/Earth.Sun.Moon '87
*Girlschool "Spend Spend Spend" f/Legacy/Wacken/SPV '08
Godhead "The Reckoning" f/2000 Years of Human Error '00
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Activity Grrrl" f/Flashback '93
Suicidal Tendencies "Come Alive" not yet available-out in '09
Glasvegas "Please Come Back Home" f/single/Columbia '08
Porcupine Tree "Fear of a Blank Planet" f/Fear of a Blank..'07
Buckcherry "Broken Glass" f/15 '06
Lords of Acid "Rough Sex" f/Lust '91

Lily Allen - The Fear - Single - The Fear
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*Lily Allen "The Fear" f/It's Not Me, It's You/Capitol '09

8:00 AM

Die Toten Hosen "The Return of Alex" f/Love.Peace, Money '95
*Black Tie Dynasty "Down Like Anyone" unsigned Texas '08
New York Dolls "Runnin' Around" f/One Day it Will Please..'06
Lost Prophets "The Fake Sound of Progress" f/The Fake..'01
Broon "Heard It All Before" f/Broon '92
Suicidal Tendencies "Come Alive" not yet available-out in '09
*I'm From Barcelona "Mingus" f/Who Killed../Mute '08
Quireboys "Ode To You (Baby Just Walk) f/Bitter Sweet.. '92
John Easdale (f/Dramarama) "Bright Side" f/Bright Side '96
Ky-Mani "Warriors" f/The Journey '99
*The Von Bondies "Pale Bride" f/Love. Hate,../Mojordomo '09

9:00 AM

My Chemical Romance "Thanks for the Venom" f/Three..'04
*(hed) p.e. "Renegade" f/New World Orphans/Suburban N. '09
*Bang Camaro "Night Lies" f/Black Sword/Fontana '09
The Birthday Party "Blundertown" f/Prayers on Fire '81
Danzig "End of Time" f/Danzig '88
Crushed "Love My Way" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '08
*People in Planes "Know By Now" f/Beyond../Wind-Up '08
Placebo "Lady of the Flowers" f/Placebo '96
The Cult "True Believers" f/Beyond Good and Evil '01
The Black Maria "Waking Up With Wolves" '06
"USA-Holes" f/Wolves in Wolves Clothing '06

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