Saturday....January 3....Show # 171....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Queens of the Stone Age "Song For The Deaf" '02
Kyuss "El Rodeo" f/...And The Circus Leaves Town '95
The The "December Sunlight" f/Naked Self '99
*Black Tie Dynasty "Shipwreck" unsigned Texas '08
The Dickies "Stuck in a Condo with Marlon Brando" '94
Saxon "Need For Speed" f/The Inner Sanctum '07
Mindless Self Indulgence "Mark David Chapman" f/If '07
*The Black Ghosts "Repitition Kills You" f/S/T/I Am '08
Billy Corgan "The Camera Eye" f/The Future Embrace '06
The Blue Van "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" f/single '05
Uriah Heep "Angels Walk With You" f/Wake../HIP-O '08
The Killers "Spaceman" f/single '08
Ten Inch Men "Never Say Hello" f/Pretty Vultures '93
It's Immaterial "Driving Away From Home" f/Life's Hard..'86
(hed) p.e. "Renegade" f/New World Orphans/Suburban N. '09
*BPA f/Iggy Pop "He's Frank (Slight Return) f/I Think '71/09

8:00 AM

Suicidal Tendencies
"Come Alive" Unavailable -out in '09
Apoptygma Bezerk "Electronic Warfare" f/Singles '08
*Serj Tankian "Honking Antelope" (Acoustic) f/single '08
The Prodigy "Out of Space" f/Y2K '99
Slash's Snakepit "Neither Can I" f/It's Five O'Clock..'95
Joan Jett Song of Week: "We're Not Gonna Take It" '01
Lordi "Missing Miss Charlene" f/Deadache/The End/Sony '08
Sonic Youth "Theresa's Sound World" f/Dirty '92
Hawthorne Heights "Pens and Needles" f/If Only You Were..'05

Blue October - Dirt Room - Single - Dirt Room
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*Blue October "Dirt Room" f/single '09

9:00 AM

Down "Eyes of the South" f/Nola '95
*Bang Camaro "Pleasure (Pleasure)" f/Black Sword/Fontana '09
Dodgy "Prey For Drinking" f/Free Peace Sweet '96
Ayla "Angelfalls (Paricular Bleach Mix) f/single '99
Skyclad "Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout)" f/The Way..'91
Everlast "Dirty" f/Love, War, and The Ghost../Martyr '08
The Von Bondies "Pale Bride" f/Love, Hate and../Shout Factory '09
Michael Monroe "Dead, Jail or Rock 'n' Roll" f/Not Fakin' It '89
Cue The Drama "The Enemy" unsigned United Kingdom '08
*Suddyn "Gravity" unsigned Dublin/N.Y. '09
Johnny Cash "Leave That Junk Alone" (Alabama 3 mix) '08
*Halford "Fetish" f/ Ressurection Remastered/Metal God '08
*D.O.A. "Human Bomb" f/Northern Avenger/Sudden Death '08

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