Sunday....February 1....Show # 160....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Darker My Love "Blue Day" f/single/Dangerbird
*Avantasia "Lost in Space" (Ext. Mix) f/Lost../Nuclear Blast
*Cesium 137 "The Fall" (GASR Mix) f/single/Metropolis
*Black Lips "Short Fuse" f/200 Million Thousand/Vice
*Mumiy Troll "In Our World " unsigned Russia
*Edguy "Judas In The Opera" f/The Singles/Nuclear Blast
*My Chemical Romance "Desolation Row" f/Watchmen/Reprise
*Grand Duchy "Long Song" (Exclusive!) f/Petits Fours
*Johnny Cash "I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow" (Remixed)
Dope w/Zakk Wylde "Addiction" f/No Regrets/Koch
*Birds of Tokyo "Train Wrecks" unsigned Perth, AU
*Avantasia "The Story Ain't Over" f/Lost../Nuclear Blast
Loney Dear "Airport Surroundings" f/Dear John/Polyvinyl
*ohGr "Timebomb" (New Radio edit) f/new single/SPV
*Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About" f/single/AG

7:00 PM

*Spinerette f/ Brody "Valium Knights" f/Ghetto Love EP/Anthem
*Cesium 137 "Language Without Lies" (Ass.) f/ The Fall/Metropolis

Brian "Head" Welch - Save Me from Myself - Washed By Blood
Get this "HEAD" song from iTunes right here
*Brian "Head Welch "Washed By Blood" f/Save Me From./Ryko
Puscifer f/Mila Jovovich "The Mission" f/single
*Ida Maria "Oh My God " unsigned Norway
The Lonely Island "Jizz in My Pants" f/single/Universal Republic
The Damned "Amen" f/Grave Disorder '01
The Panics "Don't Fight It" f/Cruel Guards/MusicAllies
Great Northern "Story" f/Remind Me Where../Eenie Meenie
Tongue Dried Sun "Zero Hour" unsigned Tucson, AZ
Peachcake "Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet.."

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