Saturday....January 10....Show # 172....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Megadeth "In My Darkest Hour (Live) f/Box Set '93
LCD Soundsystem "Losing My Edge" f/S/T '04
Queens of the Stone Age "Sick, Sick, Sick" f/Era Vulgaris '07
*Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" f/Only By The Night/RCA '09
State of Being "Levity" unsigned Cleveland, OH '05
House of Large Sizes "Big Wet Fella" f/My Ass-Kicking Life '94
Sparks "Dick Around" f/Hello Young Lovers '06
*Electric Touch "Sounds From The Underground"/Justice '09
Asian Dub Foundation "Fortress Europe" f/Truth About..'02
Misfits "Hatebreeders" f/Walk Among Us '82
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Jezebel" f/Bad Reputation '92
Clawfinger "Final Stand" f/Life Will Kill You '08
Radio 4 "No Reaction" f/Stealing of a Nation '04
Pogues "Turkish Song of the Damned" f/Essential '91
Blue October "Dirt Room" f/Approaching../Univ/Motown '09

8:00 AM

Flotsam and Jetsam "Escape From Within" f/No Place for..'88
*Two Choices "Get Away" unsigned Portsblade, U.K. '09
Gogol Bordello "Tribal Connection" f/Super Taranta! '07
KMFDM "Naïve 1991" f/Split/Piggbank '91/Orig. '90
Powderfinger "My Kind of Scene" f/Odyssey Number Five '00
Betty Blowtorch "Ugly" f/Are You Man Enough? '01
*D.O.A "Golden State" f/Northern Avenger/Sudden Death '08
The Stone Foxes "Beneath Mt. Sinai" unsigned San Francisco'08
The Soft Boys "Mr. Kennedy" f/single '80
Razorlight "Wire To Wire" f/Slipway Fires/Mercury '08

9:00 AM

*Dionysus "My Heart is Crying" f/Keep../Locomotive '08
*The Airlines "Saturday" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09
HIM "Gone With The Sin" f/ Razorblade Romance '00

+Iggy and The Stooges "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" '73
( + in tribute Ron Asheton/bass/founder died Jan. 6/age 60)

*BPA f/Justin Robertson "Island" f/I Think../Rec in '70's/'09
*Soman "Divine" f/Sound Pressure 2.0/Metropolis '09
*The Stone Foxes "Under The Gun" unsigned San Francisco '08

Science Faxtion - Living On Another Frequency - Life-Is-In-DeLiver
Get this BOOTSY COLLINS/BUCKETHEAD song on iTunes now
Science Faxtion "Life-IS IN-DeLiver" f/Living on Another..'08
*Spinerette f/ Brody "Ghetto Love" f/Ghetto Love EP/Anthem '09

*Next Saturday:
San Francisco's THE STONE FOXES
perform live on-air @ 9:00 AM

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