Saturday....January 17....Show # 173....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Tipton, Entwhistle, and Powell "Stronger Than the Drug" '96
Isidore f/ Steve Kilbey "Ghosting" f/S/T '04
PIL "Emporer" f/What is Metal EP '92
*Babyland "Search and Rescue" f/Cavecraft/Metropolis '09
Fuzz Townshend "Boogie Too" f/Far In '00
Desert "Desert (In Your Soul)" f/Israel Unleashed Comp. '07
*The Young Dubliners "Chance" f/Saints and../429 Rec. '09
Tickle Me Pink "Madeline" f/single/Wind-Up '09
The Effigies "Silent Burn" f/Remains Nonviewable '89
Joan Jett Song of Week: Androgynous" f/Sinner '06

Glasvegas - Glasvegas - Flowers and Football Tops
Great song by Scotland's GLASVEGAS on iTunes now
Glasvegas "Flowers & Football Tops" f/S/T/Columbia '09
Groove Armada "Groove Is On" f/Lovebox '02
King Diamond "Cold As Ice" f/Give Me Your Soul Please '07
Spinerette f/Brody "Ghetto Love" f/Ghetto Love/Anthem '09
*Nickle Eye "Brandy of the Damned" f/The Time of../Ryko '09

8:00 AM

Rammstein "Links 2 3 4" f/Mutter '01
Edguy "Dragonfly" f/Tinnitus Sanctus/Nuclear Blast '09
Digital Assasins "Lock It Down" f/Original Master '99
The Damned "Problem Child" f/Music For Pleasure '77
Sledgehammer "Sledgehammer" f/UK single '79
Grand Duchy "Black Suit" unavailable demo version '08
Bang Camaro "Revolution" f/Black Sword/Fontana '09
Warren Suicide "Black Planet" f/S/T f/German import '04
*The Prodigy "Omen" f/Invaders Must Die/Rocket Science '09
Mumiy Troll "Hey Tovarishch!" unsigned Russia '09
Grand Duchy f/Violet Clark "A Strange Day" f/Trib. to Cure '09

9:00 AM

In studio to perform live 2-song set
San Francisco's THE STONE FOXES

Live: "Mercury" and "Little Red Rooster"
From CD "Beneath Mt. Sinai"

Green River Ordinance "Come On" f/Out Of My../Virgin '09
The Airlines "Saturday" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09
Electric Touch "Sounds From The Underground"/Justice '09
Ra Ra Riot "Can You Tell" f/The Rhumb Line '08
Everlast "Folsom Prison Blues" f/Love, War and The Ghost..'08
Circle Jerks "Wild In The Streets" f/Wild in the Streets '82

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