Saturday....January 24....Show # 174....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Ayreon "Dawn of a Million Souls" f/Timeline/SPV '08
Long Fin Kille "The Heads of Dead Surfers" f/Houdini '95
D'Molls "777" f/S/T '87
*Birds of Tokyo "Broken Bones" unsigned Perth, AU '09
Dirty Looks "Oh Ruby" f/Cool From The Wire '88
The Jesus and Mary Chain "Teenage Lust" f/Honey's Dead '92
The Darkness "Holding My Own" f/Permission to Land '03
Ra Ra Riot "Can You Tell" f/The Rhumb Line '08
Crazytown "Hollywood Babylon" f/The Gift of Game '99
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Light of Day" f/Flashback '93
Young Dubliners "Chance" f/Saints and Sinners/429 Rec. '09
Combichrist "All Pain Is Gone" f/Today We Are../Metropolis '09
Pretty & Twisted f/Johnette Napolitano "No Daddy No" '95
The Clash "Complete Control" (Live N.Y.C.-'81) reissued '99
Steadlur "Bumpin' " f/single/Roadrunner '09

8:00 AM

Razorlight "Wire To Wire" f/single/Mercury '09
Body Count f/Ice T "Born Again" (Video Edit) '92
Mumiy Troll "Nuclear Stations" unsigned Russia '09
Tin Machine (Bowie) "Baby Universal" (Extended Mix) f/single '91
Sacred Reich "War Pigs" f/Surf Nicaragua '88
*Grand Duchy "Ermesinde" (Exclusive!) f/Petits Fours '09
Edguy "Dead or Rock" f/Tinnitus Sanctus/Nuclear Blast '09

Toy Dolls - Our Last Album? - The Final Countdown
Want a great cover of Europe's song by Toy Dolls? -click iTunes
The Toy Dolls "Chenky is a Puff" f/ Our Last Album? '06
TV On The Radio "Blues From Down Here" f/Return To..'06
The Prodigy "Omen" f/Invaders Must Die/Rocket Science '09

9:00 AM

PUSCIFER-Tool-A Perfect Circle
Called in live from home
Nice chat for about 20-minutes

Songs: "Queen B" and the debut
of "The Mission" f/Mila Jovovich

Grand Duchy "Lovesick" (Exclusive!) f/Petits Fours '09
Seabound "The Promise" (Club Mix) f/When../Metropolis '09
St. Madness "The Anti-Superhero" unsigned Scottsdale, AZ '09
*Reel Big Fish "Talk Dirty To Me" f/Fame, Fortune..RockRidge '09
*Sith "Eat" (Final mastered ver.) unsigned France '09

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