Saturday....March 14....Show # 181....6:45 AM

* Denotes new song first time aired

Killcode "Goes Down Easy" unsigned N.Y.C. '09
*A Plus D "Pour Some Hot Sugar" Mims vs. Def Leppard '09
*Black Gold "Plans & Reveries" f/Rush/Red Bull '09
The Prodigy "Thunder" f/Invaders Must Die/Take Me..'09
*Epochate "Chronicles of a Dying Era" f/Chronicles..Met. '09
*Eisbrecher "Herzdieb" f/Svende Deluxe/Metropolis '09
*Grand Duchy "Black Suit" (finished version) f/ Petits. '09
*Propaghandhi "Dear Coach's Corner" f/Supporting..'09
*Elvis Perkins in Dearland "I Heard Your Voice..Dresden" '09
*Lions Share "Barker Ranch" f/Dark Hours/Blistering '09
*Metric "Help I'm Alive" unsigned Canada '09
*1990's "Vondelpark" f/Kicks/Rough Trade '09

8-10 AM

LIVE in studio in the flesh!

To chat about the upcoming new CD
"American Soldier" and everything

Queensrÿche's GEOFF TATE

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~Music that was played~

"How Could I ?" f/Q2k '98
"Operation Mindcrime" f/Operation Mindcrime '88

"Home Again" f/American Soldier '09
"Warning" f/ The Warning" '84
"If I were King" f/American Soldier" '09

"I'm American" f/Operation Mindcrime II '06
"Almost Cut My Hair" f/Take Cover" '07
"Man Down" f/American Soldier '09
"Queen of the Ryche" from Queensrÿche E.P. '83
*"The Killer" f/American Soldier '09
*"Middle of Hell" f/American Soldier '09
"Signs Say Go" f/ Operation Mindcrime II '06

*Thanks to Susan Tate for making this happen!
Thanks to Fozzy for driving Geoff to station
Also thanks to Rhino Records for their co-operation

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