Sunday March 22....Show # 167....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

St. Madness "70's Porn" unsigned Scottsdale, AZ '09
*Carbon 9 "Mother" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09
*Eishbrecher "Zu Sterben" f/Sunde Deluxe/Metropolis '09
D.J. Shadow "You Can't Go Home Again" (Mix) '02
Queensryche "The Voice" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
*Doves "Jetstream" f/single/Astralwerks '09

Polly Scattergood - I Hate the Way - Single - I Hate the Way
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Polly Scattergood "I Hate The Way" f/single/Mute '09
Death Angel "Resurrection Machine" f/Killing Season '08

********************************MASH-UP MANIA!

A Plus D "Protection While Having Sex" Protection vs. LaTour
A Plus D "Stardust Kids" David Bowie vs. MGMT
A Plus D "Pour Some Hot Sugar On Me" Mims vs. Def Leppard

Go to A Plus D's website to hear other great mixes

*Youth Group "Friedrichstrasse" f/The Night Is../WorldsFair '09

7:00 PM

**Heaven & Hell "Bible Black" EXCLUSIVE Debut!/Rhino '09
*Gliss "Morning Light" f/Devotion Implosion/Ryko '09
*13th Floor "Surviving Desire" unsigned Oregon '09
The Parlor Mob "Dead Wrong" f/And You../Roadrunner '09
Dead Confederate "Wrecking Ball" f/Wrecking Ball '08
Les Claypool "Mushroom Men" f/Of Fungi and Foe/Prawn '09
*Babyland "Low Relics" f/Cavecraft/Metropolis '09
*KMFDM "Symbol" f/brand new single/Metropolis '09
*Phoenix Block "Future Calling" f/Chemtrails/Hard 6 '09
*Little Brazil "Brighton Beach" f/Son/Anodyne '09
Pilot Speed "Put The Phone Down" f/single/Wind-Up '09
*Fisherspooner "The Best Revenge" f/single/World Fair '09


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