Saturday....March 7....Show # 180....5:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Vinnie Vincent Invasion "Ashes To Ashes" f/All Systems..'88
Lordz Of Brooklyn "Saturday Nite Fever" f/single '95
Legal Weapon "Hurt" f/Life Sentence To Love '88
Pilot Speed "Put The Phone Down" f/single/Wind-Up '09
Jetboy "Stomp It Down To The Bricks" f/Damned Nation '90
Ned's Atomic Dustbin "All I Ask of Myself is That I Hold..'94
*The Trews "Be Love" f/No Time For Later/EMI '09
*All Mankind "Can You Hear Me?" unsigned Sydney, AU '09

Masters of Reality - Masters of Reality - The Candy Song
Get this classic MASTERS OF REALITY song here on iTunes
Masters Of Reality "The Candy Song" f/Masters Of Reality '88
Frank Zappa "I'm The Slime" f/Kill Ugly Radio (re-issue) '95
Laptop "Whole Wide World" f/Users Guide '99
Dead Men Dreaming "Odds Against" unsigned N.Y.C. '09
T-Rex "The Motivator" f/Electric Warrior '71
MC 900 Ft. Jesus w/DJ Zero "UFO's Are Real" f/Hell..'89
Krista "Temporary Insanity" f/single/J Records '09

8:00 AM

Ministry w/William Burroughs "Just One Fix" (Mix) f/single '92
*Living Things "Dirty Bombs" f/Habeas Corpus/Jive '09
Underworld "Underneath The Radar" f/Underneath The Radar'88
The Earps "Phone Ain't Ringin'" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '07
Motörhead "Heroes" f/Motörizer '08
Queensrÿche "If I Were King" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
*Say Hi "Hallie and Henry" f/Oohs & Aahs/Barsuk '09
Swell "At Long Last" f/...Well? '93
Joan Jett Song of Week: "If Ya Want My Luv" f/Good Music '86
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) "Drugs Suck" f/Mercy '87
Suggestive Amnesia "Miserable Failure" unsigned Florida '09

9:00 AM

*The Prodigy "Thunder" f/Invaders Must Die/Take Me..'09
*Razorlight "North London Trash" f/Slipway Fires/Mercury '09
*Julien-K "Nvr Say Nvr" f/Death To Analog/Metropolis '09
*Lions Share "Heavy Cross To Bear" f/Dark Hours/Blistering '09
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero" f/It's Blitz!/Interscope '09
*Queensrÿche "Home Again" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
A Plus D "Stardust Kids" Bowie vs. MGMT (Mashup) '09
*Loney Dear "Distant" f/Dear John/Polyvinyl '09
Eisbrecher "Alkohol" f/Suende Deluxe../Metropolis '09
*Handsome Furs "Radio Kalinagrad" f/Face Control/Sub Pop '09
Charles Spearin "Mrs. Morris" f/The Happiness../Arts & Crafts '09
*Daniel Ash vs. Zak Ambrose "Rock On" (Dirty Queen Mix) '09

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