Saturday....April 11....Show # 185....6:45 AM

*Denotes a new song first time aired

Axxis "Devilish Belle" f/Doom of Destiny '08
Paw "One More Bottle" f/Dragline '93
Wire "Hard Currency" f/Object 47 '08
*Mother Mother "Body of Years f/single/Last Gang '09
Grant Lee Buffalo "Fuzzy" f/Fuzzy '93
Sibling Rivalry (Joey Ramone & Mickey Leigh) "See My Way" '94
Joey Ramone "1969" f/Don't Worry About Me '02
*Art Brut "Alcholics Unanimous" f/single/Downtown '09
Steve Jones "Freedom Fighter" f/Fire and Gasoline '89
UNKLE f/Ian Astbury "Burn My Shadow" f/War Stories '07
Jeff Naumann & Pigs On Corn "They're Coming To Take Me..'93
Atom Smash "Bed of Nails" unsigned Miami, Florida '09
Delerium "Aria" (Mix) f/single '00
Avantasia "Lost in Space" (Ext.V) f/Lost in../Nuclear Blast '09
AplusD "Unpretty Today" TLC vs. Smashing Pumpkins '09
Band of Skulls "I Know What I Am" f/single/Shangr-la '09

8:00 AM

Nine Inch Nails "Sin" (Long Version) f/single '90
The Parlor Mob "Tide of Tears" f/And You../Roadrunner '09
Grandaddy "Crystal Lake" f/original sampler '00
32 Leaves "Way Beyond" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09
Reacharound "Big Chair" f/Who's Tommy Cooper? '96
*Charm City Devils "Let's Rock- N- Roll" f/Let's../ElevenSeven '09
*Flight of the Conchords "Hurt Feelings" f/single/Sub Pop '09
Joan Jett SOW: "Let's Do It" w/Paul Westerberg f/Tank Girl '95
*Sacred Oath "What The Dark Will Undo" f/S/T/Angel Thorne
Spread Eagle "Switchblade Serenade" f/S/T '90
Dear Mr. President "Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?" '88
Generation7 "Want You Need You" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09

9:00 AM

*Blacklist Union "Breakin Bread with The Devil" unsigned L.A. '09
*IMAX "The Great Shipwreck of Life" f/Kingdom../Metropolis '09
Walkway "All I Want" unsigned Norwich, U.K. '09
Lamia Cross "Ravens" unsigned Paris, France '09

Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood - Maybelenne I Hofteholder
VOLBEAT rocks! Get this song on iTunes
*Volbeat "Maybellene I Hofteholder" f/Guitar Gang../Mascot'09
*Psychostick "Sandwich" unsigned Tempe, AZ '09
*Blue October "Blue Skies" f/Approaching../UniversalMotown '09
Nico Vega "Living Underground" f/ST/Myspace Records '09
*Rancid "Last One To Die" f/Let the Dominoes Fall/Epitaph '09
*Tesla "In A Hole Again" f/Forever More/Ryko '09
*Billy Boy On Poison "On My Way" f/single/UniversalRepublic '09

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