Sunday....April 12....Show # 170....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

The Parlor Mob "Tide of Tears" f/And You../Roadrunner
Brian "Head" Welch "Shake" f/Save Me From Myself/Ryko
Billy Boy On Poison "On My Way" f/single/UniversalRepublic
*Brandon Desayer "Hello" unsigned Boise, Idaho?
Charm City Devils "Let's Rock N Roll" f/Let's../ElevenSeven
*Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart" f/S/T/Mute
*The Veer Union "What Have We Done" /UniversalMotown
IMAX "The Great Shipwreck of Life" f/Kingdom../Metropolis
*Queensryche "At 30,000 Ft. " f/American Soldier/Rhino
Doves "Jetstream" f/single/Heavenly/Astralwerks
Rancid "Last One To Die" f/Let the Dominoes Fall/Epitaph

Absentstar - Where We Begin - Don't You Think We Owe It to Ourselves?
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*Absentstar "(Don't You Think) We Owe It To Ourselves?"
Blue October "Blue Skies" f/Approaching../UniversalMotown
Sacred Oath "What The Dark Will Undo" f/S/T/Angel Thorne
*Sebastien Granger "It's A Living" f/Who Do../Saddle Creek
The Follow "Mixtures" (Shaken Mix) unsigned Missouri

7:00 PM

*Morrissey "Something is Squeezing My Skull" f/Years../Attack
Heaven & Hell "Bible Black" f/The Devil You Know/Rhino
*The Veils "Larkspur" f/Sun Gangs/Rough Trade
*Beastie Boys "Boomin' Granny" f/Check Your Head Reissue
The Parlor Mob "Hard Times" f/And You../Roadrunner
*Specimen "Ooze" (Live) f/Alive at The Bat Cave/Metropolis
*Combichrist "All Pain is Gone"(Rapid Ascent Mix) f/Heat EP
*Other Girls "The Long Con" unsigned Cleveland, Ohio
Blacklist Union "Breakin Bread with The Devil" unsigned L.A.
Flight of the Conchords "Hurt Feelings" f/single/Sub Pop
*1990s "Everybody Please Relax" f/Kicks/Rough Trade
*26 "A New Beginning" f/Births, Deaths../D-Star Australia

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