Saturday....May 2....Show # 188....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Ministry "The Dick Song" (Live) f/Adios.../Megaforce '09
Iron Maiden "Holy Smoke" f/No Prayer For The Dying '90
Axxis "Devilish Belle" f/Doom of Destiny '08
Men Without Pants "Keep On Movin'" f/Naturally/Ex.. '09
Avantasia "The Toy Master" f/The Scarecrow '08
The Fall "Big News Prinz" f/I Am Kurious Oranj '88
*Placebo "For What It's Worth" f/Battle For The../Vagrant '09
Slick Rick "Children's Story" f/The Great Adventures of..'88
Robert Gordon "Slash" f/All For The Love ofRock 'N' Roll '94
Motörhead "Shoot 'Em Down" f/Twisted Forever/Tribute '01
Chairlift "Bruises" f/Does It Inspire You/Columbia '09
Gregory's Fun House "Back To School" f/Obey '88
Oomph! "Augen Auf! f/German import single '04
*The Airborne Toxic Event "Wishing Well" f/single/Island '09
The Invisible Humans "Wrong For This World" unsigned L.A. '08

8:00 AM

*UFO "Can't Buy A Thrill" f/The Visitor/SPV '09
*Starsailor "Tell Me When It's Over" f/All The Palns/EMI '09
Concrete Blonde "Run Run Run" f/Free '89
Heaven & Hell "Breaking Into Heaven" f/The Devil../Rhino '09
Grand Duchy "Fort Wayne" f/Petits Fours '09
Killers "A Dustland Fairytale" f/single/Island '09
Fight "Blowout in the Radio Room" f/A Small Deadly Space '95
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Backlash" f/Notorious '91
AplusD "Promiscuous Walk" N.Furtado v. Aerosmith v. Run DMC
*Major Lazer "Hold The Line" f/Guns Don't Kill../Downtown '09

9:00 AM

*Seventh Void "Drown Inside" f/Heaven is Gone/Fontana '09
*Meat Puppets "Sewn Together" f/Sewn Together/Megaforce '09
*Peaches "Mommy Complex" f/I Feel Cream/XL '09
*Autumn Hour "Everday (The Body Speaks)" f/De../RockRidge '09
88 Keys "Morning Wood" f/The Death of Adam/Decon '09

Art Brut - Art Brut vs. Satan - What a Rush
Download ART BRUT now
*Art Brut "What A Rush" f/Art Brut vs. Satan/Downtown '09
*New York Dolls "My World" f/'Cause I Said So/Rhino '09
*Polly Scattergood "Please Don't Touch" f/single/Mute '09
Seether "Careless Whisper" f/singkle/Wind-Up '09
Meat Puppets "The Monkey & The Snake" f/Sewn../Megaforce '09
Flight of the Conchords "Hurt Feelings" f/single/Sub Pop '09
*Placebo "For What It's Worth" f/Battle For The../Vagrant '09

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