Sunday....May 3....Show # 173....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*IQ "Frequency" f/Frequency/InsideOut/SPV
SIOP "Sunglasses" unsigned Phoenix, AZ
*UFO "Hell Driver" f/The Visitor/SPV
*Volbeat "Mary Anne's Place" f/Guitar Gangsters../Mascot
The Airborne Toxic Event "Wishing Well" f/Single/Island
*Polly Scattergood "Please Don't Touch Me" (Ext. mix) /Mute
Major Lazer "Hold The Line" f/Guns Don't Kill../Downtown

Dope - No Regrets - Best for Me
Download this tasty morsel from DOPE on iTunes right now
*Dope "Best For Me" f/No Regrets/Koch
*After Midnight Project "Take Me Home" f/single/UniversalMo
*Texas Hippie Coalition "Leavin" unsigned Denison, Texas
*Illinois "Hang On" f/The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe/+ One
Placebo "For What It's Worth" f/Battle For The../Vagrant
*Lamia Cross "Let Me Fall In Love" unsigned Paris, France
*Heaven & Hell "Eating The Cannibals" f/The Devil../Rhino
New York Dolls "My World" f/'Cause I Said So/Rhino
Peaches "Mommy Complex" f/I Feel Cream/XL

7:00 PM

Sonic Youth "Sacred Trickster" f/The Eternal/Matador
Autumn Hour "Everday (The Body Speaks)" f/De../RockRidge
*Fever Ray "Seven" f/S/T/Mute
*Cut Off Your Hands "Happy As Can Be" f/You & I/FrenchKiss
Meat Puppets "Sewn Together" f/Sewn Together/Megaforce
Starsailor "Tell Me When It's Over" f/All The Plans/EMI
Art Brut "What A Rush" f/Art Brut vs. Satan/Downtown
*Run Devil Run "Beautiful Being" unsigned Hollywood, CA
*The Tender Box "Beautifun Sin" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
*Tim "Ripper" Owens "The Cover Up" f/Play My Game/SPV
*Kasabian "Vlad The Impaler" f/West Ryder Pauper../RCA
*The Glamorus Youth "Sometimes Fame" unsigned Brooklyn, NY
*St. Vincent "Actor Out of Work" f/Actor/4AD
*Goldcure "I Wanna Hear It" unsigned Austin, Texas

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