Sunday....May 17....Show # 175....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Young Love "Unafraid" f/One Of Us/Island
*Oceansize "Unfamiliar" f/Frames/Superball
*Magnum "Cry To Yourself" f/Into The Valley of the../SPV
*Wonderlick "This Song Is A Commercial"/Rock Ridge
*Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard "Roll Bus Roll"/Rough Trade
*Derek Miller "Girls" unsigned Ontario, Canada
*The Automatics "All The Weight of the World"/Dork Records
*IQ "Closer" f/Frequency/InsideOut/SPV

Doro - Fear No Evil - The Night of the Warlock
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*Doro "The Night of the Warlock" f/Fear No Evil/AFM
Doro "Herzblut" (Translate: Heart Blood) f/Fear No Evil /AFM
Mad Sin "Pigfarm" f/20 Years in Sin/Hepcat
Amazing Baby "Smoke Bros" f/Rewild/Shangri-La

Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications - ?Further Complications."
ex-singer of PULP-JARVIS COCKER title track on iTunes!
Jarvis Cocker "Further Complications" f/Further../RoughTrade
Silverspun Pickups "The Royal We" f/S/T/Dangerbird

7:00 PM

*Doro "25 Years" f/Fear No Evil/AFM
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "From Her To Eternity"/reissue/Mute
Blacklist Union "Say Hello" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
*Stevie Salas "The Harder They Come" f/The Sun and the Earth

Meat Puppets - Sewn Together - Nursery Rhyme
You know you want this MEAT PUPPETS song on iTunes!
Meat Puppets "Nursery Rhyme" f/Sewn../Megaforce
*Anatomie Bousculaire "Les Mondes Engouris" unsigned France
Queensr├┐che "Unafraid" f/American Soldier/Rhino
*Zeni Danussi "Alien Attack" unsigned United Kingdom
*Mando Diao "Dance With Somebody" f/Give../UniversalRep

New York Dolls - 'Cause I Sez So - Trash
Updated reggae version of "Trash" on iTunes!
*New York Dolls "Trash" f/'Cause I said So/Rhino
*Run Devil Run "Hey You" unsigned Hollywood, CA
*Spinnerette f/Brody "Baptized By Fire" f/single/Red

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