Saturday....May 23....Show # 191....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ayreon "The Awareness" f/Timeline Box Set '08
Ayreon "The Castle Hall" f/Timeline Box Set '08

Spinal Tap - Break Like the Wind - Bitch School
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Spinal Tap "Bitch School" f/Break Like The Wind '92
Spinnerette f/ Brody "Baptized By Fire" f/single/Red '09
Moby "Say It's All Mine" f/Animal Rights '97
The Damned "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" f/Machine Gun..'79
Derek Miller "Girls" unsigned Ontario, Canada '09
Ten Inch Men "Crazy Day Dream" f/Pretty Vultures '93
*Avenged Sevenfold "Paranoid" f/Covered Compilation../WB '09
*New York Dolls "Making Rain" f/'Cause I Sez So/Rhino '09
Chrome Molly "Thanx For The Angst" f/Angst '88
DJ Keoki "Crash" f/Ego-Trip '97
The Jim Carroll Band "People Who Died" f/Catholic Boy '80
*The Leftovers "Party Til We Die" f/Eager To Please/Oglio '09

8:00 AM

GWAR "Maggots" f/Scumdogs of the Universe '90
*Diary Of Dreams "Requiem 4.21" f/(if)/Metropolis '09
Marianne Faithful "Sliding Through Life On Charm" '02
Death Cult (Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy) "Too Young" f/single '83
David Bowie "She'll Drive The Big Car" f/Reality '03
*Meat Puppets "Sapphire" f/Sewn Together/Megaforce '09
*Doro "It Kills Me" f/Fear No Evil/AFM '09
William S. Burroughs "Is Everybody In?" f/Stoned.. '00
Joan Jett SOW: Evil Stig f/Joan "Another Shot of Whiskey" '95
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Sex On Wheelz" '91
The Lordz "People Who Died" f/The Brooklyn Way '06
*The Automatics "My Illustrious Career" f/The../Dork '09

9:00 AM

Queensr├┐che - American Soldier - Home Again
Duet between father Geoff & 10-year old daughter Emily on iTunes
Queensr├┐che "Home Again" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
*War Tapes "Dreaming Of You" f/single/Sarathan '09
Zeni Danussi "Alien Attack" unsigned United Kingdom '09
Run Devil Run "Hey You" unsigned Hollywood, CA '09
*NOFX "Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)" f/Coaster/FWC '09
*Magnum "The Moon King" f/Into The Valley../SPV '09
*IMAX f/Imogene Heap "My Secret Friend" f/Kingdom../Met '09
Wonderlick "This Song Is A Commercial"/Rock Ridge '09

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