Saturday May 30....Show # 192....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Kings X "No Lie" f/XV '08
Stereophonics "Traffic" f/Words Get Around '97
The Plasmatics "Nothing" f/Beyond the Valley of 1984 '81
*Diary of Dreams "Odyssey Asylum" f/(if)/Metropolis '09
Wrathchild America "Climbing The Walls" f/Climbing..'89
Frightened Rabbit "Heads Roll Off" f/The Midnight Organ..'08
*Esser "Headlock" f/single/Chocolate Ind 'o9
The Parlor Mob "The Kids" f/And You Were../Roadrunner '09
Boogie Company "Amerika" unsigned Estonia '08
*Girl In A Coma "BB" f/Trio B.C./Blackheart '09

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Sinner - Fetish
You can get the "F-word" version of "Fetish" on iTunes here!
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Fetish" (No F-Word mix) f/single '99
*Middle Class Rut "I Guess You Could Say" f/25 Years/BA '09
Gary Numan "Fold" (Alternate Version) f/Jagged '06
Heaven & Hell "Eating The Cannibals" f/The Devil../Rhino '09
*Cracker "Turn Tune In Drop Out" f/Sunrisein the../429 Rec '09

Doro - Fear No Evil - Celebrate
Download this DORO anthem on iTunes now!
Doro "Celebrate" f/Fear No Evil/AFM '09
Queensr├┐che "Home Again" f/American Soldier/Rhino
Rammstein "Amour" f/Reise Reise '04
Rammstein "Fever Und Wasser" f/Rosenrot '06

8:00 AM

Exclusive live in-studio performance

3 Songs: "Sliver", "If I Were King" & "Eyes Of A Sranger"

9:00 AM

Wumpscut "Bunkertor 7" f/Bunkertor/ Metropolis '09
*Mike Snow "A Horse Is Not A Home" f/S/T/Downtown '09
A plus D "Promiscuous Walk" f/Grandamaster Flash, Robert Palmer
*Stellastarr "Graffiti Eyes" f/single/ILG '09
*The Aggrolites "Wild Time" f/IV/Hellcat '09
*Miss Kitten & The Hacker "1000 Dreams" unsigned France '09
Magnum "The Moon King" f/Into The Valley..SPV '09
Mr. Methane "Beethovens 9th/Richard The 3rd" '00
*The Crystal Method "Double Down Under" f/Divided../Tiny e '09
*Ty Oliver " " unsigned Santa Cruz, CA '09
Silverspun Pickups "Growing Old Is Getting Old" /Dangerbird '09

Asher Roth & Cee-Lo - Asleep In the Bread Aisle - Be By Myself
You can get this ASHER ROTH tune on iTunes right here!
Asher Roth f/Cee-Lo "Be By Myself" f/single UniversalMoto '09
The Invisible Humans "Wrong For This World" unsigned L.A. '08

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