Saturday....May 9....Show # 189....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

SIXX: AM "Accidents Can Happen" f/The Heroin Diaries '07
Love and Rockets "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven" '87
Lilian Axe "True Believer" f/S/T '88
The Parlor Mob "Tide of Tears" f/And You../Roadrunner '09
After Midnight Project "Take Me Home" /UniversalMo '09
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "From Her To Eternity" re-mas '09
Drugstore "Solitary Party Groover" f/import single '95
*The Features "Drawing Board" f/Some Kind../Loose Tooth '09
Icon "Double Life" f/Right Between The Eyes '89
Billy Boy On Poison "On My Way" f/Drama../UniversalRep '09
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Tube Talkin' " f/Sinner '06
*CKY "Karmaworks" f/Carver City/Roadrunner '09
Mother Love Bone "Stargazer" f/Apple '90

Tuff - The History of Tuff - American Hair Band (Slang Edit)
Get this classic TUFF song right here on iTunes!
Tuff "American Hair Band" f/The History of..'01
Deadboy & The Elephantmen "Stop, I'm Already Dead" '05
*Maxïmo Park "The Kids Are Sick Again" f/Quicken../Warp '09

8:00 AM

I Mother Earth "Pisser" f/Scenery and Fish '96
*Kasabian "Fire" f/West Ryder Pauper Lunitic Asylum/RCA '09
KMFDM "Help Us/Save Us/Take Us Away" f/Extra Vol.2 '08
Tim Armstrong "Oh No " f/A Poet's Life '07
*Saga "Avalon" f/The Human Condition/InsideOut/SPV '09
Dropkick Murphy's "Jailbreak" f/The Meanest of Times '08
The Tender Box "Beautiful Sin" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09
Science Faxtion "Life-IS IN-DeLiver" f/Living on Another..'08
Emigrate "In My Tears" f/S/T/ '07
*The Parlor Mob "Carnival of Crows" f/And../Roadrunner '09
Grand Duchy "Long Song" f/Petits Fours/Cooking Vinyl '09
*Tiny Masters Of Today "Skeletons" f/single/Mute '09

9:00 AM

Ministry & Co-Conspirators "Radar Love" f/Cover Up '08
Run Devil Run "Beautiful Being" unsigned Hollywood, CA '09
*Fisherspooner "Supply & Demand" f/Entertainment/WF '09

New York Dolls - 'Cause I Sez So - 'Cause I Sez So
The DOLLS are back! Download from iTunes here
*New York Dolls "'Cause I Sez So" f/"Cause I Sez So/Rhino '09
Tim "Ripper" Owens "The Cover Up" f/Play My Game/SPV '09
*Men Without Pants "The Beginning" f/Nat../Expansion '09
*Phoenix "Girlfriend" f/Wolfgang Amadeus/Glassnote '09
*UFO "Saving Me" f/The Visitor/SPV '09
Placebo "For What It's Worth" f/Battle For The../Vagrant 09
Dope "Best For Me" f/No Regrets/Koch '09
*Cage The Elephant "In One Ear" f/Ain't No Rest../Jive '09
*Scratch f/Damon Albarn "Too Late" f/single/Gold Dust '09

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