Saturday....July 4....Show # 196....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Accept "Hellhammer" f/Eat The Heat '89
Emigrate "Emigrate" f/Emigrate '07
Ramones "She Talks To Rainbows" f/Adios Amigos '95
*Jets Overheard "I Should Be Born" f/No Nations/Vapor '09
Ayreon "Back On Planet Earth" f/Actual Fantasy Revisited '04
Motörhead "Capricorn" f/Overkill '78
Blue Foundation "Enemy" f/single/Virgin '09
Echo & The Bunnymen "Everybody Knows" f/Flowers '01
Joan Jett SOW: Play That Song Again" f/Up Your Alley '88
*War Tapes "Dreaming Of You" f/The Continental../Fontana '09
Ofra Haza "Im Nin Alu" f/single '88
Queensryche "Remember Me" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
Vains of Jenna "Ceased Emotions" f/Lit Up/Let Down/RLS '06
*The Mars Volta "Cotopaxi" f/Octahedron/Warner Brothers '09

8:00 AM

Eisbrecher "Zu Sterben" f/Sunde Deluxe/ Metropolis '09
*Floor Thirteen "Blame It On Me" f/single/EMI '09
Loudness "You Shook Me" f/Soldier Of Fortune '89

Grand Duchy - Petits Fours - Seeing Stars
Frank Black and wife Violet are Grand Duchy-on iTunes now!
Grand Duchy "Seeing Stars" f/Petits Fours/Cooking Vinyl '09
*Hockey "Too Fake" f/Mind Chaos/ Capitol '09
*Pennywise "Bang Bang" f/Endless Bummer OST/Blackheart '09
Wonderlick "king Of Bad Decisions" f/Topless../Rock Ridge '09
*The Autumn Offering "Light of Day" f/Requiem/Victory '09
Rammstein "Ich Will" (Live version) f/Volkerball '07
*Cage "I Never Knew You" f/I Never Knew You E.P. '09
*Jet "She's A Genius" f/Shaka Rock/EMI '09

9:00 AM

*The Mars Volta "Teflon" f/Octahedron/Warner Brothers '09
*Broken Records "Nearly Home" f/Until Earth Begins../4AD '09
Enuff Z 'Nuff "Mother's Eye" f/Strength '91
*Placebo "Come Undone" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
*Glitterlind "Landkjenning" f/Landkjenning/Napalm '09
*Dollyrots "Bad Reputation" f/Endless Bummer/Blackheart '09
*Chickenfoot "Sexy Little Thing" f/ ST/Redline '09
*Rancid "LA River" f/Let The Dominoes Fall"/Hellcat '09
*Billy Boy On Poison "4 Leaf Clover" f/Drama../Ironworks '09
*Frank Black "All In My Mind" f/Trib-Love & Rockets/Arsenal'09

After one week off-I am back permanently

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