Sunday....June 14....Show # 179....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Anderson "Michael:Running on the Asphalt" f/It../U&L
*Meat Puppets "Blanket of Weeds" f/Sewn Together/Megaforce
*Robotanists "Wait A Minute Here" f/Close Down../Overhead
Young Love "Unafraid" f/One of Us/Island
*New York Dolls "Lonely So Long" f/'Cause I Sez So/Rhino
*Placebo "Speak In Tongues" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant
Polly Scattergood "Bunny Club" f/S/T/Mute
Dommin "Without End" f/Love Is Gone/Roadrunner
*Foreign Born "Vacationing People" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
*Butcher USA "The Dark" unsigned Oracle/Tucson, AZ
*Jeff Who? "You and Me" unsigned Iceland
*Bella Morte "One Thousand Days" f/Beautiful../Metropolis
*Dinosaur Jr. "Said The People" f/Farm/Jagaguwar
*Jackson Warehouse "Ska-Face" unsigned Essex, England
David Bowie "China Girl" (live) f/VH1 Storytellers/Virgin '09

7:00 PM

*Dope "Nothing For Me" f/No Regrets/Koch
Miss Kitten & The Hacker "1000 Dreams" unsigned Grenoble, France
*Zeni Danussi "Cryin' The Pain" unsigned United Kingdom
*Placebo "Julien" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant
Eyes Set To Kill "The World Outside" f/single/BreakSilence
*Iggy Pop "She's A Business" f/Préliminaires/ EMI
Powerage "Rock Star Living" unsigned New South Wales
*Rancid "New Orleans" f/Let The Dominoes Fall/Hellcat
*The Trophy "The Gift Of Life" f/single/Frontiers
*Girl In A Coma "Ven Cerca" f/Trio B.C./Blackheart
*Alestorm "Black Sails At Midnight" f/single/Napalm
*Kings of Leon "Notion" f/Only By The Night/RCA
*Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band "The Sun Is Down" (Cornelius MX)

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