Saturday....June 20....Show # 195....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Rammstein "Keine Lust" (Clawfinger's RMX #1) German Single '04
Rammstein "Ich Will" (PVD Remix Dub) f/single '01
Curve "Missing Link" f/U.K. import single version '93
*Jason Lytle "Yours Truely, The Commuter" f/single/Epitaph '09
The Damned "Lovely Money" f/single '82
Ayreon "E=MC2" f/-01011001- '08
Kings Of Leon "Notion" f/Only By Night/RCA '09
Gothic Slam "Thunder and Lightening" f/Just A Face in the Crowd '89
Rehab "Last Tattoo" f/single '08

Placebo - Battle for the Sun - Speaking In Tongues
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Placebo "Speak In Tongues" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
Les Claypool "Vernon Was A Company Man" f/Of Whales And Woe '06
Princess Pang "Trouble In Paradise" f/Find My Heart A Home '89
The Kinks "Sleepless Night" f/Sleepwalker '77
Rancid "New Orleans" f/Let The Dominoes Fall/Hellcat '09

8:00 AM

Fatboy Slim "That Old Pair Of Jeans" f/Why Try Harder '06
*Chicken Foot "Turnin' Left" f/ST/Redline Entertainment '09
Sisters Of Mercy "Under The Gun" f/A Slight Case Of Over..'93
999 "Boys In The Gang" f/The Best of....'98 (originally from '80s)
Hittman "Will You Be There? f/ST '88
Joan Jett Song of Week: "I Still Dream About You" f/Up Your..'88
*Dommin "Honestly" f/Love Is Gone/Roadrunner '09
Hardknox "Attitude" (Josh Abraham mix) f/single '99
Fear Nuttin Band "Friends" f/Yardcore '08
Sasha "Xpander" f/Xpander E.P. '99
Eyes Set To Kill "The World Outside" f/The World../BreakSilence '09
The Tender Box "Beautiful Sin" unsigned Canada '09
*Aranda "Why You Wanna Bring Me Down" unsigned Oklahoma '09

9:00 AM

*Weird Al Yankocich "Craigslist" f/Internet Leaks E.P. '09
The Trophy "The Gift Of Life" f/single/Frontiers '09
*Iggy Pop "Les Feuilles Mortes" f/Préliminaires/ EMI '09
Dinosaur Jr. "Said The People" f/Farm/Jagaguwar '09
Meat Puppets "Blanket of Weeds" f/Sewn Together/Megaforce '09
New York Dolls "Lonely So Long" f/'Cause I Sez So/Rhino '09
*Foreign Born "Early Warnings" unsigned Los Angeles, Ca '09

Placebo - Battle for the Sun - Breathe Underwater
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*Placebo "Breathe Under Water" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
*Kasabian "Thick As Thieves" f/West Ryder Pauper../RCA 'o9


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