Saturday....August 1....Show # 200....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Annihilator "Alison Hell" f/Metal Hammers" '89
A Guy Called Gerald "To The Other Side" f/Automanikk '90
Ramones "Danny Says" f/Anthology '99
Brian "Head" Welch "Money" f/Save Me From Myself '08
*ZO2 "Painted Lady " f/Casino Logic '09
Johnette Napolitano "Crazy Tonight" f/Scarred '07
Queensryche "Unafraid" f/American Soldier '09
Cocteau Twins "I Wear Your Ring" f/Heaven Or Las Vegas '91
*Purple Melon "Henry's Rocket" unsigned L.A./U.K. '09
SIOP "Sunglasses" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09
Joan Jett SOW: "Summertime Blues" f/I Love R&R '06
*Invisible Humans "Mirror People" f/Tribute: L&R/Arsenal '09
*Datarock "The Blog" f/Red/Nettwerk '09
Chris Polland "Return To Metalopolis" f/Return..'90
Joachim Witt "Supergestört und superversaut" (Oomph!) '02
Placebo "Battle For The Sun" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
*Broadway Calls "The Wake Up Call" f/Good../SideOneD '09

8:00 AM

Rammstein "Du Riechst So Gut" f/Live Au Berlin '99
BM Linx "Red House Been Empty" unsigned N.Y '09
Pop Will Eat Itself "Can U Dig It?" f/single '89
Suicidal Tendencies "No Mercy Fool" unreleased '09
Best Kissers In The World "Bleeder" f/Been There '94
*Sweethead "Life In Laralay" f/Tribute: L&R/Arsenal '09
*Kickin K8 "Score" f/Score/Crash '09
Sisters Of Mercy "Walk Away" f/First, Last & Always '85
Iggy Pop "Je Sais Que Tu Sais" f/Preliminaires/Astral..'09
Stryper "In God We Trust" f/In God We Trust '88
*Vains Of Jenna "Get It On" f/single/RSL '09
*RX Bandits "My Lonesome Only Friend" f/Mandala '09
*Cartel "Let's Go" f/single/WindUp '09

9:00 AM

Vnv Nation - Of Faith, Power and Glory - The Great Divide
Download new VNV NATION right here on iTunes now!
*VNV Nation "The Great Divide" f/Of Faith../Anacron '09
*Ace Frehley "Outer Space" f/Anomoly **Exclusive DEBUT '09
*Street Sweeper Social Club "Good Morning Mrs. Smith" '09
*Division Day "Chalk Lines" f/single/Dangerbird '09

Juliette Lewis - Fantasy Bar - Single - Fantasy Bar
Fantastic new JULIETTE LEWIS single on iTunes here!
*Juliette Lewis "Fantasy Bar" f/Terra Incognita/The End '09
Doro "Walking With The Angels" f/Fear No Evil/AFM '09
Livan "When The Lights Go Down" f/Happy../Pumpkin '09
The Heavy "How You Like Me Now?" f/The House../Counter '09
Danko Jones "Code Of The Road" f/Never Too../Bad Taste '09
Julian Plenti "Games For Days" f/Julian../Matador '09
*Chuck Mosley "The Enabler" f/Will Rap Over../Reverse Image '09
Dommin "Closure" f/Love Is Gone/Roadrunner '09


Ka$hlee said...

We'll be listening


THANK YOU again , you are the one that will help put VAINS OF JENNA on the MUSIC map .
Thank you for the op to help you today . I had a BLAST

Ka$hlee said...

Vains of Jenna Rocks!