Sunday....July 12....Show # 181....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Rollerball "Tame Existence" f/Submarine/+1 Records
*Frozen Plasma "The Speed of Life" f/Monumentum/Metropolis
Spoon "Got Nuffin" f/single/Merge

Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning - Single - Crying Lightning
New single from ARCTIC MONKEYS on iTunes!
*Arctic Monkeys "Crying Lightening" f/Humbug/Domino
The Stone Foxes "Fever" f/Tribute: Love & Rockets/Arsenal
*Dope Stars Inc. "Digital Warriors" f/single/Metropolis
Rollerball "Submarine" f/Submarine/+1 Records
BM Linx "The Outlaw Jimmy Rose" unsigned New York City '09
Glitterlind "Varder I Brann" f/Landkjenning/Napalm
*Billy Boy On Poison "Standing Still" f/Drama../Ironworks
The Mars Volta "Desperate Graves" f/Octahedron/WB
*Black Mustang "Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"/+1
Doro "The Night of the Warlock" f/Fear No Evil/AFM Records
*Psyche "6 Feet Under" (Extended mix) f/Until../Metropolis
Kasabian "Fire" f/West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum/Sony

7:00 PM

The Heavy "Sixteen" f/single
Clan of XMOX "Emily" f/single version/Metropolis
Broken Records "Nearly Home" f/Until Earth Begins../4AD
*Kleerup "Looking For Lullabies" (#2 Mix)/Astralwerks
*Mexico City "R U Spiritual" f/Brown Bird/+1 Records
*The Killer and the Star "Starts When You Fall"/Fontana
Twisted Sister "30" f/Still Hungry/Rhino/Atlantic
*Dommin "I Still Lost" f/Love Is Gone/Roadrunner
*Aspera "Funky New Satan" unsigned Detroit
*Venture "Goodbye" unsigned Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

*Thanks to Club Queens -Dana & Lil' Devil
for coming and adding fun to the show

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