Saturday....July 25....Show # 199....6 :45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Michael Monroe "Dead, Jail or Rock and Roll" f/ Not Fakin'..'89
Heathen "Opiate For The Masses" f/Victims of Deception '91
The Prodigy "World's On Fire" f/Invaders Must Die/RED '09
*Toni Rowland "I'll Be Here Waiting" unsigned South Africa '09
The Mekons "Memphis, Egypt" f/Rock 'N Roll '89
SIXX: A.M. "Permission" f/The Heroin Diaries '07
Down By Law "Radio Ragga" f/All Scratched Up '96
*Heavy Young Heathens "Sha LaLalala" unsigned California '09
Manraze "You're So Wrong" f/Surreal '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Cherry Bomb" (Dance Mix) '06
*Livan "Where I Bleed" f/single/Pumpkin Music '09
Black Grape "In The Name Of The Father" f/It's Great When..'95
D.R.I. "Think For Yourself" f/single '88
*Travis Caudle "Signals" unsigned Perth, Australia '09
*The Autumn Offering "Requium" f/Requium/Victory '09

8:00 AM

Gabriele "Nena" Kerner "Carpe Diem" (live) f/Chokmah '01
*Livan "Happy Returns" f/single/ Pumpkin Music '09
Cruel Story Of Youth "You're What You Want.." f/single '89
The Damned "Grimly Fiendish" (The Bad Trip Mix) '88
Nightwish "Last of the Wilds" f/Orchestral Sessions ''07
*Frankenstein 3000 "No Big Deal" f/Tribute L&R/Arsenal '09
*The Blackwater Fever "Crawlin' Skin" f/Sweet Misery/+1 '09
Joachim Witt "Eisenherz" f/Eisenherz '02
Slick Rick "Childrens Story" f/The Great Adventures of..'88
Metal Church "Badlands" f/Blessing In Disguise '90

Shakaponk - How We Kill Stars - Single - How We Kill Stars
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*Shaka Ponk "How We Kill Stars" unsigned Berlin, DE '09

9:00 AM

Moby "Mistake" f/Wait For Me/Mute '09
*Livan "King of the World" f/single/Pumpkin '09
Intercooler "Destiny" f/ single/+1 Records
Purple Melon "Please Don't Go" unsigned L.A./U.K. '09
Informatik "Come Together" (mix) f/Come Together/Met '09
Kevin Wilson "Angry Again" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09
*Infected Mushroom "Smashing The Opponent" f/single '09
Rollerball "Submarine" f/Submarine/+1 '09
*Eyes Set To Kill "Interlude" f/The World Outside/Break..'09
Eyes Set To Kill "The World Outside" f/The World../Break..'09
*Conshafter "So Long, Sweet Dreams" unsigned Virginia '09
Placebo "Ashtray Heart" f/Battle For The Sun"/Vagrant '09