Saturday....August 22....Show # 203....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Lizzy Borden "Red Rum" f/Love You To Pieces '85
Swans "Saved" f/The Burning World '89
*STEMM "House Of Cards" f/Blood Scent/Catch 22 '09
Manic Street Preachers "Ocean Spray" f/Know Your Enemy '01
Les Claypool "One Better" f/Of Whales and Woe '06
*Wild Beasts "Hooting & Howling f/single/Domino '09
HIM "Sleepwalking Past Hope" f/Digital Versatile Doom '08
Brian "Head" Welch "Flush" f/Save Me From Myself '08
Joan Jett SOW: "Fake Friends" f/Fit To Be Tied '01
*Angher "Anger" f/Hidden Truth/Dark Star '09

Everlast - Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford - Folsom Prison Blues
Great version of Johnny Cash song available on iTunes!
Everlast "Folsom Prison Blues" f/Love, War and The Ghost of.. '08
The Replacements "Bastards of Young" f/Tim '85
As Tall As Lions "In Case Of Rapture" f/single/ILG '09

8:00 AM

Heaven & Hell "Atom and Evil" f/The Devil You Know '09
Sea Wolf "Wicked Blood" f/single/Dangerbird '09
Hanoi Rocks "New Your City" f/Twelve Shots on the Rocks '02
Wallace & Ladmo "Ho Ho, Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Ha Ha" '68
M.S.G. "Save Yourself" f/single '89

Rammstein - Rosenrot - Feuer und Wasser
Download this RAMMSTEIN song here on iTunes!
Rammstein "Feuer Und Wasser" f/Rosenrot '06
Pennywise "Bang Bang" f/Endless Bummer/Blackheart '09
The Big Pink "Velvet" f/A Brief History of Love/4AD '09
Shaka Ponk "How We Kill Stars" unsigned Germany '09
Lita Ford "Piece (Hell Yeah)" f/Wicked Wonderland EP '09
RX Bandits "My Lonesome Only Friend" f/Mandala/SH '09
Saosin "Changing" f/In Search of Solid Ground '09

9:00 AM

*Cage "Spirit Of Vengeance" f/ Science of Annihilation '09
16 Volt "Alkali" f/ American Porn Songs/Metropolis '09
*The Burning Hotels "To Whom It May Concern '09
Maylene & The Sons of Disaster "Step Up (I'm On It)" '09
*BM Linx "123Cat" unsigned New York City '09
(hed) p.e. "Here and Now" f/single/Surburban Noize'09
*Charm City Devils "Money" f/Let's Rock &../Eleven Seven 09
*Patrick Wolf "The Bachelor" f/The Bachelor/Nylon '09
Keema "I Kissed Your Girl" unsigned Denmark '09
Care Bears On Fire "Everybody Else" f/single/S Curve '09
Rotersand "War On Error" f/War On Error EP/Metropolis '09

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